Five month twins update!

We are five months old! 

Well you guys, I'm here to tell you that the four-month sleep regression is real. It's been a wakeful month. Earlier this summer I was talking to another twin mom whose kids are older and I asked her a question about when they were infants. She laughed and said, "I have no idea. I don't remember anything from that year."

I totally get that now. I sat down to write this update and my brain is all

system processing....

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Error. File not found. 

So the twins are wonderful and bigger and oh I love them so. But wait- how did we get here? What time is it? What month is it? What year is it? Who am I? I remember so little from this month!

In lieu of brain power, I have resorted to technological help. Here's what I was able to jog out of memory by looking back through some pictures and videos on my phone:

Roman has gone to war with the hanging toys on his play mat and bouncy chair. There is one monkey and turtle in particular that really get his goat. He grabs hold of those toys and pulls with all his little might, trying to detach them from their taunting positions. His brow crumples and he screams with all the frustration his body can muster. John and I laugh over this new display of emotion and then push down the cold rush of fear and dread when we imagine how this strong will is going to rear its head during the toddler years.

He'll have worked these feelings out by then, right?

When he's not enraged by his hanging toys, Roman is tender, sweet, smiley, affectionate little guy. I love going to get him in the morning to see his blue eyes arch into rainbows with his smile. His legs start kicking away as he shrieks with excitement. I love lifting him up, kissing his enormous cheeks and hugging him close into me. Every morning I pray, "Thank you Father. This is what dreamed of for all those longing years."

Roman likes playing with toys (the non-dangling kind), he's able to roll front to back and back to front. He is gaining more and more core strength as we practice sitting. Just the day before he turned five months old he started grabbing his feet! To me that is the apex of adorable in a baby. Unfortunately it also makes diaper changes way harder! Ha.

He weighs 17lbs.

Ira is a giggle monster. He continues to remind me of big brother Arie in this way! Over the last month the two things that have made him laugh the most are the word "Okay!" and a squeaking, trumpet noise John makes with his mouth. I'm constantly running out of storage on my phone because I take so many videos of his big laughs! He also loves brothers Arie and Roman and bursts into smiles and coos when he makes eye contact with them.

Ira continues to be a sensitive baby. When he is happy, he is full of laughs and smiles and happy outbursts. When he is sad, he cries loudly and mournfully with quickly increasing desperation until he is picked up. He also startles easily which happens most often when John sneezes or if one of his brothers makes a sudden loud noise. At least once each week it happens that he falls asleep while I am nursing him and Roman. Roman will catch my eye and let out a happy shriek, which wakes up Ira with a start! Ira's lip sticks out, his face slowly crumples, and he dissolves into tears. Roman, you monster! I comfort Ira while giggling at Roman's steady beaming grin, completely oblivious to the scouring emotion he has just awoken in his brother.

Ira likes to play with his tag blanket, listen to music, and he can roll from his tummy to his back. He doesn't have as much core strength as his brother, but his legs are so strong he can almost kick himself out of the rock and play! I have to buckle him in every time.

Ira weighs 14lbs, 7oz.

Since turning five months old on Monday, the twins have slept much better for two nights. I'm hopeful that we have survived the four month sleep regression and are back on our way to longer stretches of sleep at night! They have also been napping on a more consistent schedule which means I am getting some much welcomed down time during the day!

I'm having so much fun with these babies it is hard to imagine it getting any better, but maybe this month they will continue to bless me with joy AND sleep. Maybe I'll even be able file a memory away somewhere. I'll let you know next month! ;-)


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