Twin pregnancy: week 16 in review

How far along? Today I'm 17 weeks, 2 days. Getting to this week's update late due to having been sick. Still a little stuffed up today but feeling much better.

Weight gain: 153lbs: total gain 15lbs. No gain this week.

How are you feeling: Let the clouds part, a sunbeam shine down on me, and the peoples rejoice because my nausea is almost gone!!! I feel like a new person! Actually I feel like my old self again which feel just plain fantastic.

In other pregnancy symptoms I am already huffing and puffing over small physical tasks like flights of stairs. It's quite comical. I'm only 17 weeks! I don't think this bodes well for my future. I wonder how much those stair chairs for senior citizens cost?? ;-)

Noteworthy moments: I am starting to feel the babies! I was sitting on my couch last week and I kept feeling this little tickle on my belly, sort of like a fly landed on me. I "brushed it off" a few times without really thinking about it and then left my hand where the tickle kept happening. When I felt it again with my hand on my skin I realized that feeling was coming from the inside! I told John about it but I wasn't quite sure I knew what I was feeling yet. Well, it's been happening for the last week and the sensations are getting stronger. It feels like bubbles or the brush of a butterfly wing. I asked on Facebook what you guys thought and forty-something of you confirmed yes I probably am feeling the babies! What a lovely milestone! I will enjoy these small movements while I can because I know toward the end they will probably be quite uncomfortable!

Get a little spiritual: As we approach Christmas I've been reflecting on the story of Jesus' conception and birth. One of the things I believe about the scriptures is that they are "living and active" which in part means that I can read the same passage a hundred times and then one day it will hit me in a way it never has before. This week I felt that way about Mary's song in Luke 1. Mary's song is composed of the words she speaks after an angel tells her she has conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In Luke 1:49 she says, "The Mighty One has done great things for me- Holy is his name."

Those are the words on my heart this Christmas. Both in this temporal way through the blessing of pregnancy and in the eternal way of my salvation I can declare with Mary: The Mighty One has done great things for me! Holy is his name.

Bump Shot: (This is me at 16.5 weeks, my belly already measuring 22 weeks pregnant!)



  1. Anonymous12/17/2015

    "Let it Snow" started playing on the radio when I got to your bump photo and all I could sing in my head was, "Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!!" Can't wait to see more updates. You look good, Jill.

  2. I love all your updates. They make me so happy, and you are simply the cutest. Enjoy all the movements, they truly are magical!

  3. Melanie Drozd12/17/2015

    Love reading your posts to see how we compare. I haven't felt my boys yet and we are to the date the same in our term. So exciting!!

    1. So cool Melanie! I hope you start feeling those subtle movements soon. It's amazing!

  4. I just love your updates, and I'm so so so so so so so happy for your family to finally be expanding x 2 !!!

    So glad to hear you're feeling better, too!

  5. I find myself looking forward to these updates because I like seeing you pregnant after all of your struggles.

  6. I've been inspired by your writing since you were adopting. Now that we've started our adoption process, a lot of this takes on new meaning for me. So happy and excited for all 5 of you!!


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