Twin pregnancy: week 12 in review

How far along? 13 weeks today!

Weight gain: 148lbs, total gain 10lbs.  According to my twin book my weight-gain recommendation by now is between 12-18 lbs. I'm a little under that, but pretty close! I know I'm eating well so I'm happy.

How are you feeling? Still so nauseated. Spent Sunday morning throwing up and was bummed to miss church. Also had an LOL moment with Arie on Sunday: I came out of the bathroom all sweaty and pale from puking and told him, "Arie, Mama is throwing up so I don't think we're going to make it to church."

Arie literally cheered.

Not even a fleeting moment of empathy for his poor, pukey mom. Not an ounce of disappointment about missing church. SIGH. Five year olds.

I'm starting to have food aversions. First trimester I noticed I didn't really want sweets which is unusual for me, but mostly I was dealing with cravings more than aversions. Now that I'm bordering on the second trimester almost nothing sounds good to me. Normally my list of dislikes includes rosemary, hoppy beers.... and that's about it. I love all food without discrimination. Now I am developing a whole new empathy for picky eaters!

Even though nothing sounds good, once I start eating I generally appreciate whatever is on my plate. I'm feeling super thankful that I can still eat feed my babies even with the nausea and food aversions!

Noteworthy moments: I got to hear the babies' heartbeats for the first time! On the first day of my 12th week I had an OB appointment and she pulled out the doppler. Up until that point I had only seen the heartbeats on the ultrasound screen. Hearing them was an incredible experience and made this pregnancy feel that much more real!

Get a little spiritual: With it being National Adoption Awareness Month, I have been thinking a lot about Arie's birth mom. Arie was born June 7 and these babies are due May 24. Arie did come a little early, but generally speaking I am experiencing this pregnancy at roughly the same time she was expecting Arie six years ago. I'm not really sure how to describe what that feels like... it's tender and special and sad and poignant and treasured all at the same time.

Bump shot: I never know what to do with my face in these pictures. I'm sorry I'm so awkward.


  1. Jillian, it is so much fun to read about your healthy pregnancy! I praise God for this wonderful gift for you and your family.

  2. MirellaC.11/17/2015

    Jillian, you are not awkward, you are amazing! This journey of yours is incredible and so filled with grace! All these years i've been reading these faith-filled, tears-filles posts of yours, praying for your heart's wish. And now, reading a normal post of an quite exhausted pregnant women is just THE BEST! Blessings to you all!

  3. Anonymous11/17/2015

    I'm so glad you are taking weekly bump shots! These are great treasures, Absolutely adorable!!

  4. So thrilled for your family, Jill; celebrating God's goodness to you! As for how to pose for the baby bump photo, how about a BIG smile and a hearty thumbs up! :) Happy THANKSgiving to you, John, and Arie!


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