Are you aware?

Welcome November.  Besides my mom's birthday (today- happy birthday Mom!), November is a plain month.  If you're American you get Thanksgiving at the end, so that's exciting- but otherwise November is all leafless trees and bitterly cold wind with rain.  The best thing about November for me used to be the anticipation of December with my birthday and Christmas and the holidays and everything wonderful about winter.

But now, November means something different to me.  November means National Adoption Awareness month!

So let me ask you- are you aware of how awesome adoption is?

Get ready to become aware because I have some good posts planned for November, including three guest posts by people in my life who have been touched in incredible ways by the gift of adoption.  We'll hear from an adoptive mom with two children who is going to talk about what it's really like to be in an open adoption.  We'll be privilege to read the story of a woman who was adopted in infancy and who embarked on a journey to find her birth family.  And we'll read insights from an expectant adoptive mom who is doubly touched by adoption because she herself was adopted.

My husband will be preaching on November 4, Orphan Sunday, about our biblical call to orphan care in its many forms and I will be posting his sermon along with my own thoughts about how we discern which avenue of orphan care God is calling us to.

And of course I'll be blogging my way through the last minute preparations and long awaited adventure of bringing our little man home at last. 17 days.

While the naked trees and grey skies bring their November blah outside, I hope you'll tuck your legs underneath you on the couch with a hot coffee in hand and join me in contemplating and celebrating the gift of adoption.

Welcome November.



  1. Anonymous11/01/2012

    Welcome indeed. With you as you spread awareness. Love you, awaiting the homecoming of your son with you!!

  2. Anonymous11/01/2012

    I just wanted to say I recently came across your blog about a month or two ago and I have been anxiously awaiting you guys bringing your gorgeous little boy home! I've read most of your journey in the short span of time that I found this blog and it got me hooked, I've cried, smiled and laughed for you guys. What you're doing is a wonderful thing! Congratulations!


  3. I don't really care for November, its grey skies and rain, cold and dreariness just gets me down. It's not a very happy month for us either, but we trudge on....
    Thanks for brightening this month with a happy occasion that we Bos' will celebrate year after year. Can't wait until we hear the "he's home!!!!" either through facebook or your blog. Love and Hugs! Sonya

  4. Anonymous11/03/2012

    Adoption is such a beautiful thing! I am honored God is allowing our family to adopt two precious children!


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