When something big is happening in your life (like an adoption) and you're basically eating, sleeping, and breathing it all day long, you sometimes find yourself surprised when other people have questions about it. Sort of like when you're planning your wedding and obsessing over every detail someone asks you when you're wedding date is and you wonder how they could have missed your monthly, then weekly, and now hourly countdown on facebook?? Or when you've spent the last three months pinning pictures of bouquets and bridesmaids dresses on pinterest and someone (who SHOULD BE following you) asks what your bridal colours are. I mean, seriously- haven't you expressed yourself clearly by now? ;-)

Obviously I'm joking, but I was surprised at our pancake breakfast how many people asked the same questions over and over again- mostly about how we chose Russia, what our timeline is, if we have a picture of the little guy we're pursuing... and the like. And it made me wonder what other questions people have about our adoption. Or really- about our lives in general. I mean, adoption is one of those big events that touches every area of life: family, faith, marriage, finances, and the like.

With that in mind, I thought I'd open a post up to answer some frequently asked questions. So- would you help me figure out what those FAQs are? You can leave a comment here or on FB or submit one anonymously by clicking the link below. Thank you in advance! Depending on how quickly the questions come in, I hope to post my responses by Friday.

What question or topic would you like to see me address?

Answer here.

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