Fundraising Friday

When John and I started this adoption journey I remember saying to him that I had no idea how we were ever going to be able to afford our adoption, but I was excited to see how God would provide.

If I could have only looked 5 months into the future and seen our little thermometer nearly hitting it's top. Wow.

God provides.

For all the generosity we've been shown, we cannot say thank you enough. There are no words to express our amazement and gratitude.

The breakdown:

Donations: $16,924

Various Fundraisers (jewelry/coffee/shirts/auction/cards/dinner/breakfast donations): $8,306

Out of Pocket: $8,425

Totaling: $33,655

We are only $1,345 away from our goal! I think "Hallelujah" about sums it up.

Here's something real: I always pictured running across the fundraising finish line with my arms in the air and a giant smile on my face. The truth? I think John and I both feel like we're running toward that finish line with giant blisters on our feet and an enormous desire to collapse in a heap on the ground. Don't get me wrong, it will be a collapse filled with victory and celebration, but it will be a collapse nonetheless. Fundraising for our adoption as been the most wonderful and most exhausting experience at the same time. All you generous givers, supporters, and pray-ers out there have been holding us up by handing out orange slices and splashing Gatorade into our faces as we run by... or whatever people do in marathons... (can you tell I don't actually run?). We would not have made it past- well, past $8,425 without you!

So when we collapse into our victory heap at the end of this fundraising journey, we'll be staring up at all your bright shiny faces, hearing all your "YOU DID IT" cheers, and giving you the biggest sweaty thumbs up we can muster.

I've never ran actually ran a race, but I bet after those marathoners finish puking and take a minute to catch their breaths, they feel the best kind of tired they can imagine. I think that's how we'll feel: the best kind of tired.

We're almost there.


John and I have a wonderful set of friends at our church named Jason and Emily. Jason and Emily ran the adoption race before us and came home with their precious son Gus. Gus just turned four this week! I have the privilege of being able to watch him in my daycare on Fridays. Gus is a character! He has a crazy love for elephants. CRAZY LOVE. Jason does a mean elephant impression too, so that's probably where the love comes from. Gus also does this super adorable knee-slap when he laughs, which never ceases to make me smile. And his hugs- oh his hugs! His hugs are full on wrap-around-tight-squeeze-melt-your-heart kind of hugs.

He's pretty awesome. He also has bragging rights to boast about having more chromosomes than you because Gus has Down Syndrome.

Baking at Miss Jill's house! I won't lie- a lot of the flour ended up on the floor after the middle picture happened. ;-)

Expectant parents are often asked, "Do you want a boy or a girl?" And the answer is almost always, "Either one as long as the baby's healthy!"

Jason and Emily are the kind of parents who've taken that desire and placed it before the throne of God. They have opened their hearts and lives up to the world of special needs and boy has their son blessed their socks off. They embrace that extra chromosome for the magic it is and they face the doctor's appointments, medical tests, and special therapies with unwavering grace. They are the kind of parents I can only hope to be.

Now they want to make Gus a big brother and they are opening their hearts up to adopt another precious son or daughter with special needs. I can only marvel at the conviction God has given them and the obedience they have to honor it. You can read more about their remarkable journey to South Korea (for Gus) and now to Hong Kong (for baby #2!) on their blog: http://jasonandemilyperton.blogspot.com/

Jason and Emily are also holding a creative fundraiser in a few weeks: a Mom2Mom sale! I have heard many a mom rave about a good deal at one of these events, so I know my local mom friends will want to check it out. Or better yet- do some spring cleaning and rent a table to sell your kids stuff! If I had kids stuff to sell I'd be all over this: no worries about rain, no dragging your patio table out to the driveway, no advertisting, and lots of people looking to take all your old stuff off your hands! This is just win-win-win-win-win!

The $2 entry fee and the $25 fee to rent a table is what will go toward making Gus a big brother. Any money you make from selling your stuff if yours to keep! Here's the FB event link for more info: clicky.


And finally- remember to check out out my last post for your chance to win one of my hand-stamped necklaces!

Good night to ya.


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  1. Oh my good heavens. What a cutie he is : )
    Congratulations on all of your fundraising! May your sweet one be in your arms soon!


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