Sunday Supplication and... two new jewelry designs!

John and I had our third home study meeting yesterday and once again it went well! In fact, we drove through a bit of a snow storm to get there and when we arrived our caseworker exclaimed, "Alright- you're approved! Anyone who would drive through that weather is dedicated."

Yes we are and we'll take her humorous exclamation as a good sign.

Only one more meeting to go!

A few people have continued to ask me how they can best be praying for us (thank you!); here are our prayer requests:

For us: ~Give thanks to God that our homestudy has gone so well thus far! Pray that our final meeting (in two weeks) will not be delayed due to weather or illness. And pray that our caseworker will have adequate time to complete our paperwork to we can quickly move on to the next phase of our adoption.~

For our son: ~Pray for his health and well-being in Russia. Pray that he will bond with his nannies, hopefully becoming especially close to one or two. Bonding at his age is so very important for healthy development. Pray that his nannies will be able to devote time just to loving on him and cuddling him and giving him lots of affection. Pray that God will give peace to his little heart as he waits to join our family. ~

Thank you for your prayers!


I also have two new jewelry designs to share! In honor of Valentine's Day, I created two new love-based designs for our jewelry fundraiser. (I know this holiday has some fervent haters and lovers... I'm a lover. Yes, Hallmark over consumerizes it, but I still enjoy celebrating love!).

"faith, hope, love" $25

"beloved" $20

Substitute the white pearl bead on either necklace for a red bead if you desire:


And if you like these, or any, of our fundraising necklaces (Valentine's fan or not!) use the coupon code FORLOVE in my etsy shop (or when you message me on FB to order) and receive 14% off your order until February 14. Use the widget on my sidebar or click here to visit my etsy shop.

Happy Sunday everyone. :-)

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