Fundraising Friday: HALFWAY there!!!

Take a little peak over at our thermometer.

Did you see it?

We've made it over the halfway point.

Um- wow. This is only our 7th Fundraising Friday. That means it only took seven weeks to go from zero dollars and zero cents to over $17,500!
God provides. We are so grateful.
To celebrate this victorious milestone, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's helped us reach this point. Whether you've bought a bag of coffee, ordered a necklace, donated something for our silent auction, or given a donation: you will be remembered! You are making a difference in the Kingdom. You are making a difference for us and our family.
Cheers to you:

(Name size is randomly generated. I think I got everyone but I'm sorry if I missed your name!)
Here's the breakdown of the fundraising and financial journey of our adoption so far
Donations: $13,212Out of Pocket: $3,400Coffee Fundraiser: $47Card Fundraiser: $12Jewelry Fundraiser: $895
For a TOTAL of: $17,566
That's just awesome. It's like a big sign from heaven saying, "You heard your calling correctly! You're headed in the right direction! Keep going!!" What a confirmation. What an encouragement.
We have a few things planned to get the rest of the way there.
First up our sleeve (pun intended) is a T-shirt fundraiser! My fantastic siblings are working on two designs for the shirts which you can purchase to support our adoption and to show your friends and community that you care about adoption. That you think it is unacceptable for children to grow up without families. And that you're doing something about it. Plus, my brother works in web design, my sister-in-law works in shoe fashion, and my sister is an artist, so you can be sure their designs will be, well, awesome. I can't wait to see them. Look for a post about those in February!
Also in February: we're gearing up to host an online silent auction! We've already had a few fabulous goods and services donated and are looking for some more! If you are a crafty person, a handy person, a talented person or if you have something you'd like to donate, we'd love to hear from you! Our tentative date for the start of the auction is February 15. And we'll be asking you to share the link and promote around facebook/twitter/your blog if you're willing! It makes a huge difference to have your help. We know we can't do it alone!
And sometime in the February/March-ish time frame we'll be hosting a fundraising breakfast at our church. We hope it will be a cozy Saturday morning activity on a cold winter day- a way to get the family out of the house and spend some time together or a way to get a hearty breakfast in before tackling your Saturday to-do list.
Two less exciting but still beneficial ways to reach our goal are: 1) we're living on John's income for the next 6 months we can put all my income toward the adoption. I'll do a post about frugal living sometime; I'd love to share what I've learned and get advice from you! And 2) we're still hoping to use the adoption tax credit. Unfortunately the tax credit will no longer be refundable (after 2011), but we're hoping it will still be a big help. If you're thinking about adoption here's a link to the tax credit summary (halfway down the page).
Once again- THANK YOU for all your encouragement and generosity. It feels great to be halfway to our goal and I cannot wait to celebrate at the finish line!


  1. That is wonderful! Congratulations! Praying for your journey..


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