Fundraising Friday: someone gave us a fundraiser!

How's this for creative support: someone gave us a fundraiser! A friend of the family made us a basket of 100 cards to sell as a fundraiser! She took the photos around her house, neighbourhood, and on vacation and crafted them into these darling cards. They are blank inside and perfect for lots of occasions!

We're selling them for $2.00 each or a package of six for $10.00. If you've been in the grocery store card aisle lately you'll know that's a STEAL of a price. And hopefully your card recipient will be touched that the proceeds worked to change the life of a child (and his family)!

This morning my mom was searching around the house for a birthday card she "swore she bought" and we snatched the opportunity to make our first sale. Only 99 cards to go!

Take a look at these pictures, visit the listing in our etsy shop, shoot me a message on facebook, or grab me in a person sometime to make a purchase. Really- who can't use a card??



All the choices (click to enlarge):

Back of the card:


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