Fundraising and Finances Friday!

Since "Fundraising and Finances Friday" has some funky (ha!) alliteration going on,
I thought Fridays would be a good day to post about our fundraising progress. As I
said in my last post, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity we have
been shown! Thank you!

I also already expressed my anxiety about the cost of this adoption, and that's part of my
motivation for sharing the financial details of our adoption. When we were preparing for
our adoption I read a number of blogs and while I loved the stories, I was often frustrated
with the lack of detail on this subject. Maybe it's because the cost of adopting is a weird
thing; no one wants to put money and children together. Buying kids is not what adoption
is about. The cost of adoption is not for the child, it's for all the paperwork (and boy is there
a lot of paperwork!), agency, legal, and travel fees.

So I'm going to be a little gauche and talk about the financial details, in the hopes of
encouraging other families who are considering adoption themselves.

The "deets" so far:

Fundraising: You are SO GENEROUS! We've received $4460 in donations so far
(wow!). The donations have come in amounts from $10 to $1,000: I mean it when I say
no amount is too small. It adds up!

I've been practicing my hammer swing for some hand-stamped jewelry pieces I hope to sell.
I'm waiting for supplies in the mail, but hope to have them available in the next few weeks!

We've also been working on getting our grant applications together. We can't submit those
until our home study is complete, so we have some time to get them all together.

We're also going back and forth about this fundraising meal we want to host at church: we're thinking end of January or early February and can't decide whether we should do a dinner or a breakfast. I am leaning toward a breakfast b/c I think families with children (or really anyone)
is more likely to be free for breakfast on a Saturday than dinner. (Since we both work during
the day Saturday is our only option.) Thoughts?

Finances: We're working with two agencies: one for our home study and another one
(out of state) for the rest of our adoption. So far we've paid a $500 application fee and a
$2,500 home study fee.

That brings us to a total of $6,690 (see thermometer)! We're almost 20% of the way to our
final cost of $35,000! I am so encouraged and feeling very blessed. I've been walking around
singing, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" a lot lately. :-)

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