Coffee for LOVE!

This morning I opened my mailbox to a great surprise: our first $5.00 cheque ("check" for my American friends ;-) ) from our coffee fundraiser! Thank you to whoever purchased that bag of coffee! You made my day. And it's my birthday-eve today, so that's saying something!

For all you coffee lovers out there, here's an opportunity to feed your addiction and feel good about it: click here (or on the icon at the end of this post) to get to our online storefront at JustLoveCoffee and make a purchase! Once you enter the site from our link you can navigate around freely and $5.00 from every bag purchased will go toward our adoption costs!

There are lots of options including fair-trade and green coffee for the consciously minded.

Our goal is $300 from the coffee fundraiser: that's 60 bags sold. Only 59 more to go!

Coffee makes a great gift too- especially for those generic gift games everyone seems to play at the office or at large family gatherings.

I'd love to say THANKS to you if you make a purchase so leave me a comment when you do!


  1. is that a hint that we all need to purchase coffee for the Bos Christmas game? :) I gladly would! I'll need to set up a PO Box at a shipping depot in Port Huron MI!
    LOVING your new blog, and definitely trying to decide the best way for us to support you and John in your quest to adopt!

  2. We're so happy to be able to support your adoption, and the coffee is a perfect Christmas gift for a couple of people on my list :)

  3. Yay!! Thank you Jessica!! You are awesome. huge ((hugs)) across the internet! :-D


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