Scenes from the Special Care Nursery

Ira and Roman are now nine days old! They've spent their whole lives so far in the Special Care Nursery at our hospital. Having our babies in the Special Care Nursery has definitely been an emotional experience; I was discharged after two days in the hospital and leaving my babies railed against every maternal instinct I have. While I know they are in the best place they can be right now, I cannot wait to bring them home!

On their first day in the SCN one of the nurses said something to me that I found extremely helpful and comforting. "Being here is no one's first choice," she said, "but we will make this the best plan B we can."

And so we have.

John and I have been focused on the "silver linings" of our babies' time in the hospital. The thing we have come to appreciate the most about these last nine days has been the considerable quiet time we've had to simply hold our babies, stare at them, and drink in their newness. This newborn phase goes by so fast but we've had the distinct advantage of having hours with them to simply hold their tiny warm bodies against our skin. This has been a true pleasure.

We've had a number of other special moments together like their first bath last week and, this week, their first time tandem nursing. Here are some special pictures from our time in the Special Care Nursery:

One day old, Ira and Roman get their first bath!
Ira getting undressed for his bath
Sleepy Roman about to wake up for his bath
Washing Ira's hair
John dressing Roman 
We had Arie visit a few times. He was so cute asking the babies, "Do you want to come live at my house?" At one point Ira began to cry and Arie was very concerned telling John in a panicky voice, "DAD! You have to help him!!" (He did!)

First time tandem nursing the boys. I love looking down at their sweet faces!

We are in love with our boys and so happy God has placed them in our family!
Roman Irving
Ira William

We won't know when the boys are going home until the day they are discharged, but we are getting very close. (It is an "any day now" type situation.) I appreciate your prayers for them and us as we spend these last few days in the nursery and anticipate the transition to life at home!



  1. Andrea4/28/2016

    thank you for this post! I was worried earlier today as there hadn't been any posts in a few days. Im so happy that you and your Sons are doing well

  2. I know you don't owe us anything, and I so appreciate these updates. I pray your body is healing quickly and that when your boys are home, you have all the emotional and physical strength needed for caring for newborns.

  3. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful big brother Arie will be!

  4. Hope they come home soon!

  5. What beautiful photos and words. I'm so happy for you and your family and will be sending prayers to you guys as you raise your newborn sons.


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