Twin pregnancy: week 29 in review

How far along? 30 weeks yesterday!

Weight Gain: Up to 177lbs, gained 3 pounds since last week.

How are you feeling? Currently I am sick with flu-like symptoms so I'd say I feel horrible, but in general I am still feeling my normal combination of good-but-tired. At my 29 OB appointment my belly was closing in on measuring 37 weeks. Sleeping continues to be my biggest challenge as all my extra weight pushes hard on my hips, making it hard to lay down comfortably. As I've been sick and achy the last couple nights it has been particularly difficult (impossible) to get comfortable. I would not recommend getting sick in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Due to feeling horrible I am skipping my usual format for these updates and giving you a train-of-though update. I'll be back on my A-game next week: 

I've been having brixton-hicks contractions lately which gets me excited because I know it is my body preparing for labor (though not too soon, I hope!). After so many years of infertility I always feel like cheering when my body gets pregnancy stuff "right."

I have absolutely loved watching my belly movements over the last few weeks. My OB described the twins as "wiry," which is to say they are not huge but boy they are strong! I never get tired of watching their limbs poke and jab me all over. I've grabbed my phone to record some of these big movements a few times but the boys seem to be a little camera shy. If I catch a couple good ones I'll be sure to share. I know these are the memories I will love to look back on when this pregnancy is over!

On Friday I asked my OB to feel my belly and tell me what position the babies were in: they are both still head down! Hurray! Baby A previously had his head pushed up right against my cervix but he has now backed away some. At first I was bummed to hear this because it seemed like a worse position for labor and delivery, but my OB assured me that it is actually good not to have that pressure on my cervix too early because it can sometimes signal preterm labor. So, well done Baby A.

John and I went on our hospital tour last week. It was nice to get a visual picture of where my labor will take place and where we will bring our babies into the world! On the tour we met another couple who are not only expecting twins but are expecting them via embryo adoption! How awesome is that? There were probably 8 couples on the tour, so I mean, what are the chances? It's a small world after all. 

Bump shot: 



  1. Anonymous3/16/2016

    I've only posted once or twice before, but I wanted to tell you how AMAZING you look!! I know that's not the point during pregnancy and as long as the babies are healthy, who cares, but you do look great! I hope you start to feel better soon as well! I'm so excited for you and your growing family! What a blessing!

  2. Anonymous3/16/2016

    I heard of a family who rented a reclining/inclining hospital bed fit the last weeks/months of a twin pregnancy and apparently it made all the differencEein the world in terms of sleeping. If it's a feasible option, might be worth considering...

  3. Jillian,

    Thanks for your update! I hope you feel better soon. What an blessing of God to met another twin/embryo adoption family, wow!



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