Twin pregnancy: week 27 in review

How far along? 28 weeks and 2 days.

Weight gain: 174lbs, up another 2lbs since last week. Total gain 35lbs.

How are you feeling: HUNGRY. So very hungry. I am eating all the time these days. In my reading about twin pregnancy I read that in the third trimester your weight gain slows down because your stomach runs out of room: that has NOT happened to me. Not only am I hungry more often than normal but I can eat larger portions that normal. I almost wish I could see inside my body right now because I swear my stomach is actually larger than normal, not smaller! Ha!

I'm also very tired. I'm as breathless as ever (maybe my stomach has moved into the space my lungs normal take up) and waking up almost every hour at night. The weight of my belly (and, let's be honest, thighs and butt and arms and every other appendage that has expanded!) cause so much pressure in any one position that I have to roll around a lot while I'm sleeping. Unfortunately rolling around is a huge ordeal these days, not to mention every time I move I remember I also have to pee. My best nights are the ones after a few bad nights when I'm just so tired I sleep through the discomfort. Fortunately all my pain is very short lived: I wake up aching but after a few minutes moving around I feel fine again.

Emotionally I still feel fantastic. In my mind I have had four "goals" for the length of this pregnancy: 1) 24 weeks (viability)
2) 32 weeks (after which time I can deliver in my preferred hospital)
3) 36 weeks (*maybe* avoid NICU time if they are born after 36 weeks)
4) 38 weeks+ (term pregnancy!)

At 28 weeks my second goal of carrying these babies to 32 weeks is within sight! I'm feeling very hopeful.

Noteworthy moments: I passed my three hour glucose test! Phew. The test itself went well. I felt gross again after the drink and had a headache for the rest of the day after the test, but I did not throw up nor did I faint so I consider that a success. Also not having gestational diabetes is something to celebrate. (Now where did I put my cadbury mini eggs???)

Get a little spiritual: I have a few thoughts ruminating, but not enough time to get them typed out today. Will have to hold off on this section until next week!

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  1. Oh girl you're getting so close! SO EXCITING! And hooray for bypassing GD! Get your sugar on :p

    1. Ha! Will do. Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. Looking beautiful my dear. <3


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