Twin pregnancy: week 26 in review

How far along? 27 weeks yesterday. 

Weight gain: Up another 2 pounds since last week, total gain 33 pounds! Right on track. I had an OB appointment yesterday and my belly is measuring 34.5 weeks. It's pretty crazy to look in the mirror and think if I had a singleton in there I'd be 5ish weeks from the birth! Instead I have more like 10-12 weeks to go. Slightly terrifying to think how huge I am going to be! Eep! ;-) 

How are you feeling? Same as last week: feeling mostly great, but very tired which is to be expected. 

Noteworthy moments: I had a fantastic OB visit yesterday! My ultrasound showed two healthy little boys bumping around in my belly: Baby A was 2lbs 4oz (35th percentile) and Baby B is still a bruiser at 2lbs10oz (76th percentile). Now that they have some fat on them they are looking extremely cute. Baby A had his little hand tucked right under his chin in such an adorable position. Each time I see their little body movements on the screen I get more and more excited to meet them! 

Perhaps the news that made me the happiest was that both babies are now head down! I have been feeling and seeing movements all over my belly so I went into the ultrasound having no guess as to their positions, but they happily surprised me! Now hopefully they will stay that way. I'm feeling optimistic. 

The only bummer of my visit was that I failed my one hour glucose test. I felt pretty gross and shaky after finishing that sweet orange drink they give you so honestly I was not that surprised to flunk. I could tell my body was not metabolizing the sugar very well.  Tomorrow I will do the three hour glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. My OB said it is not uncommon for women over age 30 with multiples to fail the one hour and she seemed confidant I would pass the three hour test; I guess we will see tomorrow! 

Get a little spiritual: With the exception of one crib (which we are receiving from friends in March), John and I finished setting up the nursery this week. (I'll have a nursery "tour" post up tomorrow!) Sometimes I just go into that room to sit and look around, overwhelmed with happiness that I am sitting in my babies' nursery! When I spend time there, I almost always have a worship chorus running through my mind: 

I've found all that I want, all that I've longed for in You! 

I couldn't quite remember where I first heard that chorus and I wondered if I had blogged about it in the past. I searched through my past posts and found it: amazingly, I heard those lines almost exactly one year ago when I was pregnant for the first time, with the babies I miscarried. 

A year ago I wrote: 

On Sunday we attended church with Kaitlin and my brother Wes. At the end of the service we sang the song, "All Who are Thirsty." The last lyric of that song is an invitation: Come Lord Jesus, come. The worship leader invited us to bring to mind any desire or area of our life where we needed to find healing in Christ as we sang those words, Come Lord Jesus, come.  

"Alternatively," he added, "if you have found healing and your heart's desire in Christ we invite you to sing the words I've found all that I want, all that I've longed for in You."

As the music swelled with the beautiful harmonies of those two lines I found myself singing the second line with great emotion. 

After the service I told the worship leader that this was my first time in worship since I found out that I'm expecting. And the first time in years that I've been able to sing those words. 

I've found all that I want
All that I've longed for in You.

What a mix of emotion I feel as I look back on that post, knowing that a miscarriage was in my future... but also this pregnancy. Most of all I feel a tremendous sense of having been kept and carried by my Savior through it all. I know that just as I look back and see both joy and pain, I can look into the future expecting both as well. I know I will again be met with sorrow and celebration in my life, many times over. What comfort to know that as I have been in the past, I will be held through it all. 

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  1. You look fabulous! So happy everything is going so well for you.


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