Twin pregnancy: week 23 in review

How far along? As of yesterday I am 24 weeks pregnant! This is a milestone to celebrate because 24 weeks is considered "viability" which means that if the babies were to come now they could possibly survive (with lots of NICU care). Of course we are praying they stay in through 38 weeks, but it is a milestone nevertheless!

Weight gain: The scale still read 167lbs this morning which is the same as last week. Total gain: 28 pounds. This was very surprising to me since John and I went away for the weekend to a wedding and I ate great quantities of delicious food. Guess I must have expended all the calories I took in!

How are you feeling: Still pretty great although I can feel my body slowing down now. This weekend my sister and brother-in-law came to visit; during dinner one night I knocked my water glass over and spilled everywhere. Normally I would have jumped up to soak up the spill but this time I let John run and grab a kitchen towel because I knew by the time I got out of my chair, walked to the kitchen, got the towel, and made it back to the table the spill would have evaporated already. That's probably the best picture I can paint: I feel great but am just slow these days.

Arie loves how slow I am; we normally race up the stairs each night to bed and he now wins every single time. I somehow got ahead of him for a hot second last week and he yelled, "MOM! SLOW DOWN! BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR BELLY!" Ha! He grinned mischievously while pushing by. Little stinker!

Noteworthy moments: I had my maternity pictures taken this weekend! My sister is a photographer in Ontario and I really hoped she would be able to take them for me. As it happened she was in town to babysit Arie while John and I travelled to the Chicago-area for a wedding. When we got back we took advantage of her presence to get those pictures done. I cannot wait to see them! When I get them back I will post them on the blog.

Get a little spiritual: As I reached "viability" this week I have been feeling particularly victorious. In my celebration I remembered a bible study I did a few years ago by Beth Moore on the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation frequently talks about how Jesus overcame sin and death and how we too, through his power, can overcome the trials of our own lives. Our "overcoming" is of course paltry in comparison to what Jesus overcame through his resurrection, yet when we overcome our personal trials and failings we have a certain joy in participating in that power Christ bestows upon us through the Holy Spirit.

I remember Beth Moore saying something along the lines of, "We all want to be overcomers, but no one actually wants anything to overcome."

Isn't that the truth.

This week felt very celebratory as I owned the joy of having overcome a significant trial in my life. It is a small taste of the victory I know I will enjoy for all eternity! And most humbling, I know this pregnancy like my salvation is a true gift: a gift I sought after with all my heart, but a gift that ultimately was given to me through no power of my own.

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  1. Jillian, you have such a beautiful baby belly! Congratulations on reaching week 24! :o)

  2. You look so beautiful! I read your blogs every week, you are such a big part of my life now:) I'm 2 weeks behind you in pregnancy, with a boy! Congrats to you!

  3. YAY!!! 24 is such a beautiful number! I remember being surprised at how relieved I felt when that magical number rolled around, apparently not realizing how much anxiety I was carrying around. I'm praying right along with you for at least 38 weeks, but take comfort in knowing that these days preemies can thrive with the excellent care that is available!

  4. Looking great, Jillian! I look forward to these weekly updates. Congrats on a significant milestone - and prayers that your little men will stay tucked and cosy in their "oven" until a few more weeks pass by!

    1. Thank you for those prayers! I certainly hope they stay in the "oven" for a few more months!

  5. Anonymous2/03/2016

    Hey Jill, I've been reading your blog on and off for years and it is so joyful to see you with a gorgeous son and pregnant with twins after everything you've been through! What a terrific mother. Sending so much love your way.

    1. Aw thank you so much for your kind words. Made me smile!

  6. I remember hitting 24 weeks after years of trying and sadly, a few losses. It is definitely cause for celebration! I am so thrilled for you. And you look beautiful!


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