Twin Boy Nursery Tour!

I remember when Pinterest rolled out their "secret boards," I was excited to finally be able to pin all the maternity, baby, and nursery pictures I had been looking at for so long... without looking crazy! For years before I finally became pregnant I had a "Someday Baby" board filled with dreams inspirations. Pulling up all those images over the last few weeks and turning them into a reality felt like a huge privilege and a dream come true. I'm so happy with our nursery and filled with butterflies as I imagine bringing our baby boys home to it.

I didn't choose a "theme" for the nursery per say, although most of my inspirations came from Pinterest searches for "eclectic nursery" ideas. Generally I have a pretty minimalistic aesthetic, not wanting too much clutter and I was true to that desire in this room too. You'll notice we are missing one crib in these pictures; we are receiving it from friends in March so you'll have to use your imagination to plug it in!

Here are the pictures. I'll start by taking you around the room- beginning with the view from the door and moving right- and then show you a few of my favorite things!

The second crib will go under that arrow.
A few of my favorite things:

My mom sewed these two beautiful quilts for the twins. I love them! I have at least half a dozen quilts between the ones that my mom and my sister have sewn for me. They add such warmth and interest to a room. I love having quilters in the family!

I've been practically giddy about buying little boy clothes. "Squeeing" in the store, laying them out to make different outfits, washing, folding, and filling their drawers with a grin on my face: the whole nine yards. This little outfit is one of my favorites:

(Yes even that little rubber pacifier makes me smile!) The first time I saw these newfangled bibs that look like scarves on my niece Lux and I was all, "Even BIBS are cool now!" I shared on Facebook how impressed I was with the coolness of "bibs these days" and one of my blog readers sent me this one from her etsy shop, along with that adorable wooden bunny teether. I just love both of them.

She gave me a promo code to share with you guys too! burden15 will save you 15% in her etsy shop The Tiny Barn Owl.

Another thing in the twins' dresser that makes me happy is the rows of cloth diapers! It makes me smile to open these drawers and see all the colorful fluff inside.

One size diapers. 
Newborn covers and prefolds. 

One of the things I'm most proud of because of my mad thriftiness skills is this little wall collage:

The frames are from IKEA; they formerly hung in our playroom, but I took them down when we converted our playroom to a combo playroom/guest room. The prints inside were freebies I found online and printed. And the "B" (for "Burden"... not a hint at a baby name!) was on clearance for $1.80 at Hobby Lobby.

I also found this gold and black frame on clearance for $1.60 at Hobby Lobby. It has made the perfect home for the very first pictures I have of our twins, as tiny embryos.

If you follow me on instagram you will have already seen this last "favorite thing:" the dream catchers that Arie and I made together. They were actually supposed to hang from the ceiling as mobiles, but due to installation issues they ended up on the walls. I think they still look great there, although Arie was concerned about the babies having to crane their necks to see them. Ha!

The two of us had fun painting the feathers together plus it was so special to have Arie working hard to make something for his little brothers.

Now all we need in there (besides the crib!) are our two little boys. 11ish weeks and counting!



  1. Love the room! It's so calm and perfect! I always search for eclectic, too. ;)

  2. Love it so much. It's beautiful and looks very much your style. Can't wait for the boys to arrive!

  3. It looks so great! Love the simplicity of it all. It has been so fun to follow along on this pregnancy journey with you, after reading here since Arie's adoption. I came across your blog when my husband and I were starting our journey to parenthood and exploring the idea of adoption. We decided we would try for biological children despite my own chronic illness. At the time when I found your blog, I never knew your story would hold so much hope for our own TTC journey. We just suffered our 3nd miscarriage, but your journey to parenthood gives me so much hope that someday we will be parents, no matter what that path looks like. So thank you for sharing, even when I'm sure it felt so hard to put your heart out there.

    1. That is the beauty of sharing our stories, isn't it? We find ourselves and consequently HOPE in one another's journeys. Thank you so much for your dear comment, Erika. I'm so sorry for your many losses. I pray you are soon met with the joy of a child in your arms. xo

  4. This makes me cry with excitement and happiness for you! (Your blog just does that to me :p)

    Their room is perfect and I just can't wait to see them inside it.

    1. You are so wonderful Courtney! Thank you for sharing in our joy!

  5. Anonymous2/25/2016

    Hi Jill,
    I've been following your journey for quite a while now, and let me say what a remarkable woman you are. You are so strong in your faith. I love reading your posts, and you don't know how thrilled I am that you're going to have two babies soon. :)
    I have a question for you, so when you get a chance, could you please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you so much!
    Lots of love,

  6. Ahhhh, so excited for you! This room is adorable!


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