Twin pregnancy: week 22 in review

How far along? 23 weeks today (I had to double check that math after I wrote it. These last few weeks have flown by!)

Weight gain: I'm up to 167 which means I gained three pounds last week! Wowza. Total gain: 28 pounds. This week John took a look at me one evening when he got home from work and said, "I feel like you look more pregnant every day!" I totally agree. It is almost shocking how quickly I'm growing. Most mornings I stand in front of a mirror in awe. This is an amazing process!

How are you feeling: Still feeling pretty good! I continue to be easily winded and wake up 5-6 times each night, but even so I feel happy, healthy, and (relatively) energized during the day*.

*"Day" now = 8am to 4pm.  After that I'm toast. ;-) 

My friends lent me an exercise ball which I hope will help ease some muscle strain I've been feeling in my back and a body pillow which is helping me get more comfortable at night. I love the body pillow but good grief it is an ORDEAL when I need to roll over with it at night. John wakes up with me almost every time because I basically cause an earthquake in our bed. He's so sweet about it though; he told me he doesn't mind that I wake him up all the time because we're in this together. I'm glad he'll never be pregnant because I don't know if I'd be so generous if he woke me up every couple hours!

Noteworthy moments: I had another ultrasound last Friday! The boys continue to grow well. I have my cervical length measured as an indicator of pre-term labour and so far, so good. (Thank you body for finally doing something right. Please keep that up!)

I went into the ultrasound feeling like Baby B had flipped to head down and Baby A was breech... not only breech, either,  but kicking the daylights out of my cervix.

Indeed that was exactly the case! Baby B was head down and Baby A was sitting cross-legged on my cervix. The sonographer laughed, "No wonder you are feeling him so much!" Yea.

Baby A still has time to get into position for a vaginal birth (which I would- probably obviously- prefer over a c-section) but I would of course love to see him go head down sooner rather than later.  I've been putting myself into all sorts of weird positions to try get him out of breech. If you walk into my house and see me hanging off the side of my couch... that's why. The day after my ultrasound I began to feel his kicks higher up on my belly and I no longer felt any down low. I was excited! Unfortunately that lasted two days and now I think he's back in breech position. Come on baby! Turn! 

When I asked, my OB told me that statistically most babies get into their birth position between 28-32 weeks. Since I've got two sharing the space of one, I'd guess they probably run out of space sooner. If you've got any baby-turning tricks let me know! (I already know about Spinning Babies!)

At 22 weeks my belly measured 29 weeks gestation, which is in normal range for twins. Most twin moms measure 8 weeks ahead by the end. For those of you who are into math that means that yes if I make it to 38 weeks gestation I will measure 46 weeks pregnant! Wowza. Still, I hope I make it that far!

Get a little spiritual: I always thought if I could wave a magic wand and pick my pregnancy dates, I would want to be pregnant in the summer. I loved the ideas of wearing flowy summer clothes over my bump, being outside, active, and healthy as my body nourished new life, and living into the sometimes supernatural feeling of pregnancy in the context of long days, shady trees, cold swims, and beautiful sunsets.

Actually that all still sounds great to me.

But truly if I had gotten that summer pregnancy I dreamed about, I would have had a fall or winter baby. That would not have been so wonderful for me as winter is already not my favorite season. Now that I'm expecting spring babies I'm feeling so thankful that I didn't get the summer pregnancy I wanted! Instead I'm looking forward to having my babies when the tulips are blooming, being able to push them in the stroller to the park so Arie can play, and appreciating the early rising/late setting sun to keep me company in my sleep deprived state. John and I will go through the hardest first few months with two newborns in the most beautiful context of a Michigan summer. I wouldn't have picked this for myself but I'm so happy it's what I'm getting!

For that I say a simple, "Thank you God. Amen."

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  1. You look lovely! Having just had an end-of-March baby last year, I can wholeheartedly say that it's the best time to have a baby (I'm bias, I'm sure)! Germs are going away, you don't have to bundle everyone up so severely to go outside or pile on the blankets over the car seat, you can actually get outside (when you have the energy) and enjoy the sunshine, and yes, the daylight is longer which does wonders for your sleep-deprived state! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Woohoo! It's such a blessing to follow along on this journey with you. As for turning babies, get yourself to an osteopath! A medical doctor with a degree DO, all learn (and some subset practice) a form of hands-on medicine that is very gentle and borderline miraculous. Disclosure: I am a DO...but also a new mama, and when my daughter was transverse at 33ish weeks I was treated by a DO who used a lot of OCF and biodynamics approaches (techniques; I'm mostly mentioning them so you have terms to use if/when you look for a provider who practices this way) and I could tell the *moment* that the little one turned. There are many many DOs throughout MI, MSU is a good place to start if you're in the Lansing area at all. Treatment is also helpful for back/hip/sacral pain, and getting pelvis in best shape for delivery.

    Whatever approach you manage, I hope your little guys both safely turn and grow their little hearts out!

  3. Pregnancy looks good on you Jill! Love your winter apparel!

  4. pregnancy suits you!! You look so cute.. Having a spring baby is awesome :) I loved it

    I had some back pains with maddie too. She was literally kicking out my ribs, and the muscles in my back were tightening to try to keep them in place. Chiropractor saved me! Ive heard they can also help with making that baby flip :)

  5. Will you be getting professional pregnancy photos done? If so, I can't wait to see them! You look great!

  6. How big is your bed? What if you had two body pillows and put them on each side of you. Then you could just turn over without having to move the pillow. When I was in the hospital on bed rest with my boys, i needed the bed rails to hoist myself over when i was approaching 26-30weeks...haha. You're not going to want to battle with moving the pillow as you get bigger. :)

  7. I had my last baby on March 16 on a beautifully warm Michigan day. It was wonderful :). I can't imagine twins. I am sure you are noticing how everything is double for you as far as double the grown in all areas due to there being two babies growing :) so wonderful, so happy for you

  8. I'm so happy for you! Another friend referred me to your sight and I'm so glad:) my husband & I are waiting to get matched on the embryo adoption process! I would love to get in touch:)

  9. I'm so happy for you and you look great! A friend referred me to your site and I look forward to be following you through this exciting journey! I would love to stay in touch as my husband & I are pursuing embryo adoption as well:)

  10. I also had a breech baby. Have you tried going to the chiropractor? They can try to do some manipulations and adjustments to help baby turn. I live in the Grand Rapids area and I could give you the name of my chiropractor if you want it:)

  11. Thank you very much for sharing your great experience. Pregnancy is very important thing of pregnant mom. So we should conscious our pregnancy period. some time we can exercise our pregnancy period it helps to keep our fresh mind.


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