Twin pregnancy: week 14 in review

Today's "week in review" is going to be a quick one because I have made myself too busy today! This weekend I got my birthday present early (I turn 30 on December 8th): a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Woo hoo! So pumped about it. Thank you John, Mom-in-law, and parents for the awesome gift!

So now that I have this awesome mixer I OBVIOUSLY had to re-arrange and re-organize my whole entire kitchen.

Current kitchen state: disaster.

Current mental state: whyyyyyyyyy did I start this!?

Hopefully I can get everything back in order before John comes home and sees my crazy all over the counters and table and chairs and floor.

Anyway, here's my update:

How far along? 15 weeks today!

Weight gain: Up to 151lbs, total gain 13lbs. If you're keeping track you'll notice I gained 2lbs last week rather than my usual 1lb. Maybe I ate too much pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. (Yes I did.)

How are you feeling: Slightly less tired than in past weeks, still just as nauseated.

Noteworthy moments: Got to hear the babies' heartbeats again last week! I didn't write down the pace and I can't remember but they were both fantastic.

Next week I will be having a 16 week ultrasound and may find out the sex of the babies, if they cooperate! I'm so very super really hoping they do! I still think it is two girls, although I had a dream about the babies being born and it was two boys! Divine revelation!?  Well, I also had a dream that each baby was actually half of the same baby and it had to be sewn together after birth... so maybe I shouldn't take my dreams too seriously.

John thinks one boy and one girl and Arie's guess is the same. Leave me a comment with your guess!

Get a little spiritual: Simply feeling very grateful and happily enjoying the holiday season. John, Arie, and I went and cut down a real live Christmas tree this year (previously we have always done fake). I took some picture of that adventure which I hope to post on Thursday! I'm always pretty emotional around Christmas because my faith means so much to me, but this year even more so. I don't feel hormonally emotional, just very much aware of how dark our lives can be- how dark mine felt last year- and desperately we need the light of Christ.

I love John 1:5, "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." How good it is to claim that light in the midst of all our struggles and believe that the darkness will never overcome!

Bump shot: (Didn't put the green shirt on today. I refer to my kitchen project and NO TIME FOR CHANGING.)

Well my kitchen calls! Thanks for reading!



  1. Two boys!
    I am soooo happy for you! I love your updates!!!

  2. You look amazing!! I think one of each. : )

  3. All the updates are thrilling to read. I think 1 boy, 1 girl

  4. All the updates are thrilling to read. I think 1 boy, 1 girl

  5. I love reading these bumpdates and following along on your journey :) I think it's a boy and a girl :)

  6. I think Arie will have a baby brother AND a baby sister!! Looking forward to future updates and... *crosses fingers* ...a fun gender reveal :)

  7. Watch out for those early ultrasounds to tell the babies sex. My best girlfriend had one at around 18 weeks and the doctor and ultra sound tech said it was a girl for sure. They even labeled all of the "girl" parts. We were ALL shocked and pleasantly surprised when "She" turned out to be a "He"! (They already had 3 girls) But he is all boy for sure! All of the best for you and your family for whatever children our loving heavenly Father blesses you with. :-D

  8. I had lots of very strange dreams when I was pregnant too. Thankfully none of them came true:)

  9. I'm going to guess a girl and a boy! Whatever the outcome I pray they are healthy and happy! Also hoping your nausea makes a quick exit soon!!

  10. WOW! I have had a very hectic fall and had not made it on your blog since early September. I was SO thrilled to see your news about the twins!! Praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy after all you have been through! What wonderful news.


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