Twin pregnancy: gender reveal!

I'm guessing you are just going to scroll past anything I write up here so let's get right to the point! Yesterday I had an ultrasound where we hoped to learn the sex of our babies. Today is my 30th birthday and I was really hoping our babies would give me a gift by revealing themselves. Happy to say that they did!

Baby A:

And Baby B:


I was DEAD WRONG with my guess of two girls! Ha! John and I are thrilled. After the ultrasound I walked around with the dorkiest grin on my face all day. Two precious little baby boys! What a gift. 

The sonographer did tell us we would have to confirm at our 20 week ultrasound, but she seemed pretty confidant. Based on her tone of voice and body language I'd say she was sure baby A is a boy and about 80-90% sure Baby B is also a boy. With this being a twin pregnancy I'll have lots of ultrasounds and plenty of opportunity to double check! 

We gave Arie a gift bag with blue baby shoes in it to reveal the news to him. His face broke out into a grin when he found out he is going to have two brothers! His first exclamation was, '"I KNEW IT! I TOLD YOU!" which is not even true (he guessed one boy and one girl), but we just laughed and enjoyed his pleasure. I told him I'm so happy to have more boys because I love being a boy-mom to him! 

John and I had one boy name in mind already and we are having fun talking about a second name, plus middle names. We are going to keep the names a secret until the birth. 

I haven't gotten the official report back from my OB yet but from what we saw and what the sonographer could share, both babies were looking great! It's amazing how much they change month-to-month in the womb. They are already four inches long and we could see their little fingers and toes on the screen. 

Here's my week-in-review:

How far along? 16 weeks today!

Weight gain: Up to 153, total gain: 15 lbs. By the end of my second trimester I'm betting I will weigh as much as my husband! I'm trying to convince him to put on some sympathy weight so I don't feel so huge next to him. ;-) So far he's not buying it. 

How are you feeling: Starting to feel a little better in the last few days! Less tired, and my nausea has reduced to the point where I am starting to cook meals again. Woo hoo! Feels fantastic to be getting somewhat back to "normal"... or, as normal as one can be with two humans inside. 

Noteworthy moments: Finding out the sexes of our babies! Also going shopping for baby boy clothes immediately after.

Get a little spiritual: One of my first thoughts after I found out that our babies are both boys was how incredibly grateful I am for my husband. I feel confidant raising three boys with him. I hope and pray our boys become the kind of man John is! I love so many things about him: his confidence, his sense of humor, his strong conviction, his humility, his loyalty... and I would call him "a man after God's own heart." I love watching him lead our church and preach every week with passion and conviction. He is the best partner I could imagine for my life! I thank God for bringing us together in marriage almost 8 years ago. 

Belly shot: Haven't taken one this week yet! Will plug it in here when I do it.




  2. Congratulations! It's so exciting to hear they are both doing so well and BOYS!!!

  3. Yes! I was right. Been waiting for this. What a wonderful thing to share with you Jillian Jiggs....soon to be Jillian Juggs. :)

  4. Love love love love love it!!!!! Congratulations!

    And cooking dinner again! Woohoo! That is huge! :)

  5. Halfway to a hockey team!

  6. So, so great! Congrats to all, and continued prayers for the health and growth of these little guys. So incredible, all of it! :)

  7. That's so great!! Love my boys : )

  8. Congratulations!! Arie will teach those boys so much. Love it! Sending you continued prayers and blessings!

  9. Congrats!! I have three boys and they are amazing! Busy yes but so sweet and really love their Mama!

  10. How fun!! Glad you are starting to feel better! It took me till 16-17 weeks as well with my triplets to start feeling "normal".

  11. Congratulations!! :) It's fun (well, kind of- I suffered with heart burns) being pregnant! Glad everything worked out for you! Worth the wait, yes!

  12. Oh how exciting! Congratulations, mama! Good luck with your house full of boys. =)

  13. Melanie drozd12/17/2015

    We are due the same day, my babies are egg donor IVF. I also found out the same day as you that I am having twin boys. It's amazing that we both implanted the same day are are having twin boys. Congratulations!!!!


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