Twin pregnancy: week 7 in review

This morning I had my eight week ultrasound. I was just about as nervous for this one as for my six week ultrasound, cold sweating on the table as John and I waited for the doc to enter the exam room. (Related, if any inventors read this blog here's a suggestion: exam table paper that doesn't stick when you have to "scoot down." JUST SAYING.)

Nerves quickly gave way to a flood of relief when the image of our babies lit up the screen! Two flickering hearts and fluttering bodies, living and growing just as they should be.

Baby A was measuring 4 days ahead of schedule and had a heartbeat of 178 (they look for a pace of between 120-180 BPM).

Baby B was measuring 3 days ahead of schedule and had a heartbeat of 180.

Both perfect, both exceeding expectations already! You can keep that up, babies.
John with his babies! Grabbing lunch after the ultrasound.

With that ultrasound behind us I have officially GRADUATED from the fertility center! What a strange feeling it was to leave that office behind. The waiting area, exam tables, procedure spaces, consult offices... they have become a constant character in our lives over the past two years. It feels surreal to think that the next time we walk those hallways it will be to show off our infant twins to the doctors and staff who helped make their lives happen. Amazing! What a happy day that will be. That office will always have a special place in my heart.

Symptom-wise I'm feeling about the same: nauseated and tired. I'm dealing with the fatigue worse (pretty much ready to cry at 8pm when I really should just be going to bed!) and the nausea better (eating all the live-long day so something is always in my stomach! Really helps make the nausea more manageable).

Medication-wise I've got two weeks of estrogen left and three weeks of progesterone. I will be so happy to be done with those! I'll be on my Lovenox (blood thinner) shots for the rest of the pregnancy. The last week worth of shots have littered my stomach with dark, angry bruises which in my volatile emotional state were really disturbing me. However after some research last night I think I found a way to lessen the bruising. I know I have some Lovenox-using readers; please leave me your tips if you have any!

While we visited my family in Ontario for Thanksgiving this weekend, John and I went to IKEA with my mom. We bought a dresser for the babies' room (former guest room) and a toy storage shelf for our playroom which will be converted to a combination playroom/office/guest room (can we pull that off???). We have an IKEA crib which we used as a toddler bed for Arie; we wanted to buy a matching one but IKEA WAS OUT OF CRIBS! Crazy! Not just the one we were at, either.... all of IKEA. At least, all of IKEA in Canada. I hope they re-stock by Christmas. Otherwise Arie's plan of getting a bunk bed and having the babies sleep on the bottom just may come to fruition. ;-)

All for now!



  1. Ahhh! Buying baby furniture is the BEST! Hooray!

  2. Cincinnati IKEA had lots of cribs last weekend!

  3. YAY - great to read this update!

  4. Oh, so-so excited for you and John and Arie!!! Congratulations! I bet it will be 2 little girls! !!! A Sunshine and a Rainbow!

  5. Oh, so-so excited for you and John and Arie!!! Congratulations! I bet it will be 2 little girls! !!! A Sunshine and a Rainbow!

  6. This makes me so happy! Keep growing sweet little babies.

  7. Yeah so excited for you and your family! What great news!

  8. Anonymous10/15/2015

    Hi Jillian,

    Lotsa congratulations and I am very excited for you and your family! Keep on blogging. Everytime I visit your blog, it gives me a ray of hope that we will be having a miracle one day.


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