Florida trip and entrance into February

It's FEBRUARY! The month of our embryo transfer.

It's a universal law that when you are waiting for something, time slows down. Sometimes it feels as though you could fit a while lifetime between each tick and tock of the clock, doesn't it? I've waited for many things in my life and learned lots of lessons about patience and gratitude and spiritual things along the way. It's good to put on a teachable spirit if you're in a waiting season, to not let the time pass by wasted.

But you know what is also a good way to deal with waiting?


Last week John had a work conference in Orlando; being the dedicated pastor's spouse that I am, I agreed to join him on this trip. You know, for moral support. Conferences can be quite overwhelming for ministers. I'd hate for him to have to bear that alone. Especially in Florida. In January.

Seriously it was so nice to get away for a few days! When we scheduled this trip back in early Fall we had no idea it would come right before our embryo transfer, but it could not have come at a better time. We joined our dear friends Dominic and Kristin (Dominic was also attending the conference) and their infant daughter for a wonderful trip.

Arie's highlights were 1) visiting the lego store and getting to fill a pail of blocks from a giant colorful wall of choices...
...and 2) drinking a milkshake. He had his first milkshake back in July when we went on our road trip out East and has been hoping for another ever since. It was everything he hoped it would be.

I loved spending time with Kristin and her daughter; our first real experience together as moms! I adore being a mom. I have my struggles and get tired and crabby like we all do of course, but I truly love it. It comes so naturally to me. When I'm mothering Arie I feel like I am doing exactly what I was created to do. I love my little boy and I love my role as his mom. Watching Kristin mother her daughter was also wonderful; it made me so happy to see how much delight she takes in her daughter! And of course it got me dreaming about having a baby myself someday. Someday soon.
I love this little girl! 
As we were headed back to Michigan after 4 days under the son, I thought to myself, "I'm heading back to snow but more importantly to my snowflakes." The thought warmed me from the inside, easing the sting of the below freezing temps that welcomed us home.

I have stuck to my no-sugar resolution for a few weeks now and my body feels fantastic. On our trip when Arie watched me forgoing a treat (like a sip from his milkshake) he would remind me, "You're making your body ready for our babies!" It always made me smile not just because it reminded me that this small sacrifice is worth it, but because he said, "our babies." He is going to make the best big brother.

We skyped with my family upon our return to tell them about our trip and my sister gave me such a gift: she decided to come stay with me after our transfer to help with Arie while I cope with those awful progesterone shots. It is humbling to receive such a gift but I am so thankful for her support, since I wasn't able to do much of anything on those shots last time around. John's mom will also be supporting us by taking care of Arie on our transfer day. I feel very blessed to have so much support during this important time in our lives.

Nine days! And counting.



  1. Jillian, so glad you could head to Florida with John! What a fun family vacation you'll cherish! Way to go on your no-sugar commitment, tough but worth it! When I commit to no-show (not currently unfortunately) I do feel SO much better, so keep up the good work, it encourages the rest of us too! Praying for your transfer!

    1. Thanks so much Deb! Your words are so encouraging and your prayers mean more than I can say!

  2. Our annual family reunion is planned for the Florida Panhandle--three generations sunbathing and snorkeling this summer--so it's nice to hear your family had such a nice time in the area!

    I've been praying for you and your snowflakes regularly for several weeks now, and I'll certainly continue as the transfer approaches.

    Lots of love for you and yours.


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