Halloween 2014

I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. I hate the death and the fear and the violence vibes that surround it: the bloody fangs, the skeletons littered in front yards, and especially those evil people who dress up like zombies and stand statuesque until my unsuspecting SWEETHEART walks by in his adorable lion costume and gets scared half to death. Next year I may carry a sickle with me for just this reason.

Mama bear roar.

I'm a softy. I love the innocent side of Halloween. Boy do I love it! Little tots dressed up as elephants with giant bums and the cutest little tails. The shining faces of a tiny Elmo or Minnie running from house to house collecting treats. I love the pink nose on a pretend kittens and the giant fluffy mane of the least intimidating lion you've ever seen.

I remember once I choose to be a witch for Halloween and my mom was gravely disappointed by my choice, trying unsuccessfully to talk me out of it. (To her credit, she still sewed my costume!) I must take after her. At least I come by it honestly!

So with a four year old Halloween was awesome. I think this might be the last year I get to pick his costume (next year I will be probably resort to heavy hinting and possibly bribery). My mom found his lion costume at a yard sale this summer and of course I collapsed into "OHHHHHH!!!" and "AWWWWW!!" when I saw it. I'm happy Arie liked it as much as we did because he wore it a lot this year! The weekend before Halloween when we went trick-or-treating downtown, and twice on Halloween day: first to preschool in the morning and then for real trick-or-treating in the evening.

We enjoyed the evening with two of our close family friends just like last year. It is so much fun to do this kind of stuff with friends, both for the kids and the adults!
Getting 5 excited kids to pose for a picture… not easy!

Last year it rained on Halloween and we all complained about the weather. This year it was literally freezing cold outside so we did grumble a little but kept agreeing with one another "at least it isn't raining!" No matter the weather, as a parent you grin and bear it because it is just so much fun to see your child filled with delight.

This year I also had to grin and bear my progesterone-induced butt pain, but that didn't end up being so hard because I truly have the best husband and friends in the world. They found a wheelchair for me to borrow and pushed me around the neighborhood making wise cracks and making me laugh about my butt situation until tears burned in my eyes. There is no better pain relief than good company and hearty laughter!

Last year trick-or-treating was all new to Arie, but this year he was all pro. He ran up to the houses yelling TRICK-OR-TREAT, holding out his pumpkin. After receiving his treat he would run back down the driveway giggling and yelling for us to look at whatever treat he had just received. About halfway through the evening I asked, "Are you remembering to say thank you?" He was quiet for a minute before replying, "I maybe forgot a little bit." Hahahaha! Sorry to all those generous candy givers; we are thankful even if we "maybe forgot" to show it.

Back at our friends' home I let Arie eat as much candy as he wanted. He got through a half dozen pieces before handing me back a half-eaten KitKat bar, "Can you wrap this up Mom?" Followed a few minutes later by a grimaced, "Mom I think my tummy is really big and I think it is a lot too full."

Our friends handed us a barf bag for the ride home, which we thankfully- and narrowly- avoided using.  Normally I'm pretty strict about limiting treats but this is what Halloween is for!

The next day he was able to pick a small baggie of his favorite treats and then he traded us the rest for a trip to the toy store. (This is a tactic known as the "switch witch" which works great in our family.) He picked out a new pirate ship (surprise!). He now has three. At least this one shoots really cool gold coins… which promptly got lost under our oven. John fished them out and now the pirate ship is not allowed in the kitchen anymore.

There as so many reasons to laugh in parenthood, aren't there? :-)

Hope you had a great Halloween if you participated!



  1. I think you in a wheel chair should be our new annual tradition because that was some funny stuff.

  2. Anonymous11/06/2014

    I love your writing and am praying for you and your little snowflakes!! Arie is too cute :)


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