Coping with the wait (guest post for Bethany)

I wrote this post for our local Bethany Christian Services blog on the topic of coping with the pre-adoption wait. 

No one like waiting. I know I don’t. Waiting makes me antsy and bored and often does nothing more than give me time to get anxious about the thing I’m waiting for. Waiting is no fun!

The other day my son watched an episode of Daniel Tiger that dealt with the issue of waiting. The goal of the show was to teach young kids how to cope with waiting in a positive way; the characters sang a little song that went, “When you wait you can play, sing or imagine anything!” I had to smile as I listened to those lyrics and thought how many adults- myself included- could probably learn something from this lesson in waiting!

Adoption journeys often come with long waiting seasons. It’s easy to get antsy and anxious during the adoption wait, but one thing I tried to internalize while my husband and I waited to bring our son home from Russia was that a waiting season is not a wasting season. Don’t get me wrong; there were often times I felt like I was wasting away, just dying to get my son home, but there were also things I did with my husband that helped make the wait more bearable. Here I will reimagine that catchy little tune from Daniel Tiger to share some of those ideas: 

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