On Adopting and Being Afraid (guest post for MercyFound Ministries)

My almost four-year-old son is going through a “fear stage” right now. Among the list of things he’s afraid of are fireworks, ants, thunderstorms, the dark, house flies, and frogs. I get the fireworks and thunderstorm fear (loud noises) but the fear of bugs is… shall we say, somewhat extreme. If there is even the tiniest of ants crawling on our front porch, he doesn’t dare leave the house. Sometimes even ant-like specks of dirt will send him running. It makes playing outside rather challenging!
This week he and I were working in my garden when I saw a potato bug (otherwise called a “pill bug” or “rolly polly) crawling in the dirt. Grabbing a potential “teachable moment,” I picked it up and held it out for my son to see. “Look at this cute little bug,” I said. Seeing his little body pull back with nervousness I encouraged him, “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid!”
As I said the words, “Don’t be afraid!” to my son, I remembered reading that same phrase to him at dinner earlier in the year when our garden was covered in snow. From Christmas to Easter as we read through the birth of Jesus to his death and resurrection “Don’t be afraid” had been a Biblical refrain… 


  1. Nicole6/03/2014

    My husband and I have been praying about adoption, though not in the immediate future for us (5 years or so), we often find ourselves afraid and not following the calling we both feel in our hearts. Thank you for this. Thank you so much for this. It is a great reminder to not be afraid. This gave me the push to check the next steps in our journey because adoption may be the only way to complete our family.

    1. Hugs back to you Nicole. I know those fears well. I think you will be immensely blessed as you trust in the LORD and see how he provides in spite of them! I know I have been! Blessings to you.


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