Infertility after adoption (Bethany post, part 3)

This is the third and final part of a three part series I've written on our journey for our local Bethany Christian Services branch. 
After our son had been home from Russia for about half a year, my husband John and I headed to our fertility clinic with high hopes of conceiving and growing our family. We had been to this clinic once before, prior to making the decision to adopt, and knew our doctor felt optimistic about our chances. When we had consulted with him two years earlier, he suggested I take a medication to induce ovulation called Clomid; at our next consultation he thought he might make the same recommendation, but he wanted to run some tests first.
I had a battery of blood work done as well as an HSG, which is an x-ray test done to check the fallopian tubes. Because I had charted my cycles, I was confidant that I was ovulating; I was also fairly optimistic that I would not have any blockages or other problems like endometriosis because my body seemed to be functioning exactly as it should. John had done a semen analysis before our adoption that came back normal, so my biggest worry was that our infertility would be “unexplained,” leaving us without a clear course of treatment...


  1. Jillian, I appreciate your story so much! Thank you again for sharing. May the Lord answer your prayers.

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for your comments!


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