Adoption after infertility (Bethany post, part 2)

This post is part 2 of a three part series I am writing for our local arm of Bethany Christian Services.  You can read Part 1: Infertility- pain, shame, and isolation here


After a long year discovering we had infertility, I was desperate to become a mother. Motherhood was the thing for which  I felt I was created; it was the one constant vision I held of myself in my mind as I went through highschool, college, and post-graduate studies. My course of education evolved through those years as did the career in which I imagined myself, but I never once imagined my belly empty, my arms without a baby, or my hip without a child. Infertility was not supposed to be part of the picture.
Even as a dating couple, John and I talked about building our family. We agreed that in addition to having biological kids, we would like to adopt “someday.” When we married and decided on the path we would take to our family, we imagined having two or three biological children and then adopting one or two more. With our first year of infertility behind us, we went to a fertility specialist to see if we could stick to that plan, but we also began to consider turning it on its head: maybe God was calling us to adopt first?

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  1. Anonymous5/21/2014

    LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you do me a favor. I beg you and your husband and event your community to pray for me. This week ;I fell like losing faith, Joyce, courage, and love for my husband. Please put me in your prayer.in the name of child, I pass through something so painful and disturbing. I can't said more but when my sister is this infertility day will go to his end????when???PLEASE PRAY FOR ME JOYCE88

    1. Heavenly Father,

      Across oceans, continents, and country borders, you reign. I pray today that you will hear my prayer before your throne and unfold your blessings upon my sister in Cameroon. Make your spirit dwell richly in her until her heart overflows with peace, courage, and love. Protect her from despair and heartache. Provide a way for her relationship with her husband to be healed so that it would be a great source of joy for both. God, from your eternal riches I pray that you would bless Joyce with a child. From your enormity, please give her the gift of a baby. End this day of trial in her life and let it give way to the celebration and joy that comes with new life. Above all, keep her heart close to you so that she might walk faithfully in the way you have laid out for her.

      In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I present my requests for sister Joyce.


      xoxo Joyce. You are not alone!

    2. Anonymous6/03/2014

      THANK YOU, your prayer touch me so much. May GOD ALMITHY HAVE MERCY ON ME.I WANT TO ASK YOU A QUESTION :IF YOU HAVE FOUND DIFFICULTIES TO HAVE CHILDREN BEFORE MARRIAGE WILL YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART OR PUT END FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP? my fiancé and me want to officially our marriage but ,I am confuse. Did I go on this marriage with this problem or leave and stop everything. I need your advice please, HELP ME .JOYCE88

    3. Joyce that is no easy question to answer. You and your fiancé will have to come to terms with the prospect of not having children before you marry. John and I did not know we would have infertility before we married, so I do not have any personal experience but I will tell you having infertility does test a marriage and you want to have a very strong relationship to endure the trial. I have a friend who was in the same position as you… would you share your email address and I can ask her if she would be willing to talk to you?

    4. Anonymous6/11/2014

      it will be a very big pleasure for me ;but hope no one else will know it and by the same case let me give you my name. You or her can search me on Facebook: NGO NJEE BOUM JOCELYNE GEORGETTE ;[email protected] I speak French and English. sign for he last time JOYCE88

  2. Jillian, thank you for sharing your story. So much of it matches my own. My husband and I hoped to time our "due date" for soon after his law school graduation. More than three years later, we are turning to adoption. We always planned to adopt after having biological kids, but the Lord seems to have a different plan. I look forward to reading the rest of your story.

    1. Thanks for reading! What kind of an adoption are you doing? Congrats on starting the journey!


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