The three best things we did for attachment

Any adoptive parent can attest to the overwhelming nature of the pre-adoption education part of the homestudy process. During this part of the homestudy, prospective adoptive parents learn about the emotional impact of relinquishment, substandard care, abuse, and loss on their future child. By the time parents are done reading articles, attending seminars, and listening to lectures on the subject, it can be nearly impossible to imagine that a child can ever heal from emotional injuries acquired before their adoption.
It is true that some children go on to live with attachment disorders and struggle to make meaningful connection with others; I would never want to belittle this hard reality or in any way suggest that the sustained emotional injuries are the fault of the adoptive parents. We live in a fallen, broken world and sometimes the healing we seek for our children will not be fully realized until Jesus returns to us and God makes all things new. However, I believe it is also important to hold up the truth that the majority of these children come home to heal and thrive in their new lives! God has placed an incredible mechanism called resiliency in the human heart.Prospective adoptive parents have great reason to hope for the emotional healing of their children!

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  1. Such a great article! Some of the education classes and books can be so overwhelming- It's always great to read about a family who made it through that "rough spot." Also, very informative. I will be sending this article to our family to educate themselves a bit.

    Thanks and blessings! -ashlie


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