Wintered out of a winter fest

January has been quite the boring month in our house.

Mostly because our area has received a slightly gigantic amount of snow over the past few weeks. Our students went back to school on Thursday after FIVE snow days in a row! My husband hurt his back shoveling. I've been inside our house with Arie for all eternity. It's really cold out.

We did try to venture out and enjoy the winter wonderland last weekend. A neighboring town was having a winter festival. How fun! we thought. We told our friends and we all planned to go, little ones bundled up in tow. There was going to be a snow man building competition, ice skating, human dog sled racing... I couldn't wait! My mind was filled with images of people filled streets, hot chocolate stands, decorations galore, maybe some background music to accompany the click swish click swish of skates on ice... generally winter festival happiness.


The winter festival got wintered out. Along with most of the population in our state, our friends all got snowed in so they couldn't go. We live close to our city center so the plows came by early for us and we decided to brave the cold and hit up the festival just the three of us.

It started with a twenty minute search for Arie's mittens. Of course we dressed Arie in boots, snow pants, his winter coat, hat and hood before we realized the mittens were missing, so he almost sweated to death in the middle of Michigan's arctic vortex while we searched.

We recovered by fishing out an old pair from last winter from our basement and stuffing his little paws in there.

We made the short drive over to the winter festival to discover that our friends apparently weren't the only ones who couldn't make it. People filled streets, hot chocolate stands and festive winter music there was not.
"I hope we can find parking when we get there." - Me.
We did. 
Where are the tumbleweeds?? 
Whomp Whomp

There were some very happy children and parents having fun participating in the snow man building competition. We put all our efforts into making that fun. 

"Look Arie!! Snow men!!"

His face was too frozen to smile.

Still too frozen.

After about 45 seconds of looking at the snow men, none of us could feel our extremities and we decided to go get some hot chocolate and salvage the trip out. We got a window seat (technically the window seat) at a small bakery where Arie was able to pick out a treat....

... a snowman cookie. Wonder where that inspiration came from?

Arie's hot chocolate was of course too hot to drink so John and I spent twenty minutes blowing on the cup to cool it down.

Then we went home.

So not all family outings are magical.

At least we have lots more snow in February to look forward to!!!!!!!




  1. Hehe, so cute! Glad you made the attempt to go to the Winter Fest. Arie looked so cute all bundled up!

    We feel your pain in Columbus Ohio. Finally started to warm up today a notch.

  2. Anonymous1/31/2014

    It might not be magical, but you will be able to look back and laugh about what a bust it was.

  3. Holey cow I cannot imagine living for weeks (months?) in snow! We actually got a teensy bit of snow last week, and my kiddo was CRAZY excited about it. But it melted by the time he was finished with nap. He missed it for days; I didn't.
    Making things out of snow does seem cool though, and iceskating outdoors?!? On a real pond?!? That sounds amazing.

  4. This winter has been insane with the snow, hasn't it? I have more than 3 feet of snow accumulation in my front yard and snow drifts taller than I am (5'9")! Hopefully spring will be here quickly! :) Arie looks so adorable all bundled up like that, even without a smile. :) Such a doll!

    P.S. I love that bakery. Sort of a little hole in the wall place, but they have awesome pastries and cakes! It's my dad's favorite. :)

  5. Love the reality of this post - sometimes it's these moments that leave the lasting memories to laugh at later and they deserve documentation too! :)


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