Love showed up: held up and held together

A couple weeks ago my friend and fellow blogger Leanne Penny wrote an awesome post about grief and the cliché things we say to try make people feel better.... that typically only leave them feeling worse. She got a lot of response to that post which propelled her to write another post about what we actually can do to help our loved ones through hard times. Both posts were top notch. You should really read them if you haven't. 

Leanne has now started a new series that I think is much needed; it's a series about love and, as she puts it, "the best of people in the worst of days." It's a series of stories by people who've been through nightmares but survived with the help of their people. This morning I am sharing one of my stories- a time in my life when "love showed up." A testimony, if you will, to the power of community. I invited you to join me: 

Six years ago this fall my mom was on her deathbed. She had emergency surgery on her abdomen in late August and then aspirated waking up from anesthesia. Aspirating damaged her lungs and she had to be put on supplemental oxygen as she recovered in the ICU. Her condition worsened.  Soon she had to wear a big black mask that forced air into her lungs. Then she was put on a ventilator; first with a breathing tube down her throat and then directly into her trachea. Her blood saturation levels dipped dangerously low. She was transferred to a larger hospital. She went into an induced coma. She got sepsis. She lost almost all her muscle mass. My dad called me at college twice to come home and say goodbye to her; her doctors didn’t think she was going to make it...

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  1. What a story!! Thanks for sharing....

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your kind heart and words. Love does conquer all. And like the Mark Twain quote says "When tragedy strikes, look for the good people. There are always good people." It's amazing to watch people come together to help; because they can't physically heal, but they can sure do great things for your emotions.


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