Can the future redeem what's been lost in the past?

Angie & Ryan
Today I am guest posting over at Raised from the Water- an adoption blog by a friend who lives in my computer. ;-)  I love hearing from adoptive and soon-to-be adoptive parents all over the world, but something about Angie's story really captured my heart and I've loved getting to know her over the past few months. I'm cheering her on in the adoption road I've already been on and, in turn, she cheers me on in our fertility journey: one she's been on herself. I'm honored to guest post on Angie's blog and I'm excited to introduce you to a new friend and invite you to be an encouragement to her and her husband on their international adoption journey. 

This morning I was reading a children’s book about Russia to my three-year-old son. My husband and I adopted him from Moscow almost a year ago and I love learning with him about his cultural heritage. In the back of the book was a list of Russian words, spelled out phonetically with English translations. I went through the list with him and remembered with emotion the times those words fell upon my ears in Russia. I read “good morning,” “please,” and “thank you” while he smiled and tried to say the word after me. “What does that mean?” I would ask and he would just giggle in reply. Then I sounded out “duh svee-DAH-nee-ya” for him and he replied, correctly, “Bye bye!”  

Outwardly I praised his memory, but inwardly I felt a familiar sense of hollow as I reflected for perhaps the hundredth time on how I know so little about my son’s past.... To continue reading follow me over here. 

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