Fear, faith, and adoption in a world of special needs

Today I'm getting a little vulnerable and sharing about something I've been humbled to learn though the adoption process. It's always a little nerve wracking to show your ugly/ignorant/sinful side, but I hope you will be blessed as I share how God has changed my heart and mind when I think about adoption and special needs: 

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, depression, Hepatitis, Malnutrition, HIV, developmental delays, learning disabilities, attachment disorders, chronic infections—these medical conditions were just some of the many listed on my adoption agency’s “Statement of Risks in Adoption; Waiver of Liability” form.
When I found myself signing my name under a long paragraph of scary-sounding diagnoses, I could not help but feel anxious about what my husband and I were about to do: adopt. 
.... to continue reading, follow me to my guest post over at Ethika Politika

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