The cutest child in the world.

Before I had a kid, I wondered, "Do all mothers think their kids are the cutest?"

Does motherhood give you some kind of blind eye, I wondered, to all the other kids in the world? Does your child's laugh sound the sweetest? Eyes shine the brightest? Poop smell the best? Actually, I recently heard on NPR that yes, mothers do prefer the smell of their own child's poop to another.

God bless the researcher who wanted to find the answer to THAT question.

And the mothers who participated in the trial.


I still don't know the answer to that question because I adopted the- objectively -most adorable little boy in the world. No mom goggles over here. You should see the circles he drew on the wall upstairs by my bedroom door! Amazing. Have not attempted to scrub or paint over them for three months because they are just.that.good and it has nothing to do with laziness.

Tonight I bless you with a peak into the world of some adorable things my son does. (PS: If you like my facebook page you will get updated about these happenings in REAL TIME. Just so you know.)

1. When I give him the "thumbs up" sign, he gives me the middle finger back. I haven't told him that he's holding up the wrong one.

2. Yesterday we took him for his first ever boat ride on a friend's paddle boat and he exclaimed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for the first five minutes because that's the most exciting phrase he knows.

3. If I take him into a public bathroom stall with me so I can pee, he announces to the rest of the bathroom go-ers, the quantity of my pee. Sometimes I get a "BIG PEE MAMA! GOOD JOB!" Other times, "Oh. Widdle pee? No more?" Nope. All done. Often, we hear chuckles from neighboring stalls.

4. Speaking of public bathrooms, a while back we took a road trip to Nashville for the Orphan Summit and stopped at a Subway for dinner on the way home. There was a puddle of water in that restroom, around the drain on the floor. While I was washing my hands, Arie licked it. Full on drank the bathroom floor water. There is not really much to say about that except: he's still alive. Puke.

5. Back to cute things. He's confused the phrase "so much" with "too much," which leads him to tell me, "Love you too much, Mama!" Never, baby boy.

6. Less cute but more hilarious: he dropped the f-bomb a while back. Our across the street neighbors- unfortunately- use the word quite loudly and frequently. He actually thinks they are saying, "fox" which sounds both in his ears and on his lips like well... you know. The other day something fell over in our entry way and he exclaimed, "OH FOX!"  We don't talk about foxes in our house anymore. It's very confusing.

7. Finally and most importantly, the reality of our family is sinking in deeper and deeper into this little heart. I tell him every day, "Mama, Papa, and Arie are a family forever and ever!" He always smiled at this, but just last week when I was kissing his little face and exclaimed, "Oh I could kiss you forever!", his face lit up and he said, "Mama, Papa, Awie- f'effer and 'effer!" And ever. Amen.

Happy Friday.



  1. Number 7 absolutely made my heart so happy. He's such a cutie, I've enjoyed reading your blog and your cute journey to get Arie :)

  2. I love these updates (and your FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine updates)!!! Happy Friday! :)

  3. I'm glad he's still alive to bless the world with his cuteness! And, I'm glad you're still alive too...I think I may have dropped dead in that situation. And then possibly refuse to ever again let my child enter a public bathroom, lol!

    1. Ha! I almost did die. It was probably the grossest thing that's ever happened to me!!

  4. Seriously - this made my day! What a little love! We just adopted our first, a tiny little baby boy, and you are right, parents do think their children are the cutest baby every - my baby boy is the cutest boy in the world ;) Thanks for making me smile!

    1. Congratulations!! So exciting. Thanks for leaving a comment! Enjoy your cutest baby in the world! ;-)

  5. This totally lifted my spirits. Thanks to a little boy I've never met and his mama who writes about him so expressively that I feel like I have. :) Keep it comin'!

  6. I am so incredibly happy for you, Jill.
    I love reading your blog and catching up and most of your entry today = ah makes my heart swell too :)

    He sure is a cutie.

  7. Hilarious! My daughter has also congratulated me in public restrooms. My favorite was the time she (loudly) said, "You pee peed mama! Good job! Are you going to poop,too?" Nice.


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