Prayer for Love (Lent: Day 2)

This post is part of my lenten series: 40 prayers for Russia's orphans.  Won't you join us in lifting up some of the most vulnerable children in our world today? 

Arie with the people who loved him before we could.
One of his nannies, the baby home social worker, and the director.
Day 2

God of great love,

Today we celebrate all the affection, adoration, and romance you have put into our lives. As we revel in the love we enjoy, we pray that you would bring great love into the lives of every waiting child in Russia.

Give them family love. While they wait to find their families, we ask that you would provide them with kind and nurturing caregivers. Bring each child an adult hand to hold, arms to embrace, and lips to kiss. On this day in particular, put a word of praise on the lips of the caregivers, that it might bless the ears of the child. Bring them family love.

Give them fellowship. As they grow, show these children what it means to be a friend. Show them how to love one another, as you have loved us.

Prepare them for romance. Though they are without parental example, prepare their hearts to give and receive real love. We think especially of those in the teen years. Protect their hearts and bodies and give them wisdom as they navigate the world of romance.

Mostly, give them your divine love. Bring members of clergy, missionaries, and Christians into their lives to share your unfailing love. We ask that your face would shine upon these children and that they would know with the kind of peace that passes understanding, that you are God and that you hold their futures in your hands. Bless them with the warmth of your loving kindness in a real, tangible way today.

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Make us ever mindful of your love for us, for them, forever. 


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  1. Jenniferw2/14/2013

    Jillian, thank you for giving word to my prayers. I have been so heart sore over this situation, I have tried over and over to pray but can't find the words. I know God knows what is in my heart and what it longs for, but I need more than silent appeals.

    We were still waiting for a referral and hope is all but gone now until God works his miracles in the hearts of those making these terrible decisions. I long for some kind of understanding, or at least some peace, but both are very distant from me right now. I appreciate that you and so many others haven't forgotten about us and are praying still.


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