A prayerful plea

I'm not one to swear or even say something like, "holy cow." I take after my mom and say things lamely like, "hokey pete" and "oh wow!" a lot instead. But this evening when I watched this CNN video on the US/Russia adoption ban, I whispered over and over with red eyes oh my God.

I don't mean it like oh my God I can't believe it but more like a prayer when I'm just at a loss for words. It is easy for us, even easy for me, to look at these Russian orphans and think they don't have it too bad because they have food and shelter and an education when a many orphans in other countries do not. But we can't forget that they also have hearts and souls. They are not oblivious to their alone-ness in the world. They want to be adopted and right now the awful reality is that the vast majority won't be. Any older child or child with special needs really doesn't have much of a hope. It just breaks my heart to look into their eyes though this computer screen and know how many American families want them, but can't get to them. Today I'm praying, as I will time and time again, for the ban to be over.


Oh my powerful, loving, all-knowing God,

 Hear the heart cries of these orphans. They are called "forgotten" but you do not forget. You know their plight. You know their pain. You know their needs.

It's a matter of love but also just a matter of math: there are not enough Russians to adopt these children. Until the day comes when there are enough families in Russia to adopt these children please do not allow international adoptions to be stopped. Please make a way for American families to bring home these precious children.

God I do not hate the country but I do hate what they are doing to the children. Thank you for all the Russians who have taken a stand against the adoption ban. Make their cries ring loudly in the ears of politicians. Undo the adoption ban and bring these children home. They need families.

We praise you for hearing our plea and we ask that you would answer these children and give them the families they do desperately desire. You are God over our lives, their lives, our country, their country, our politics, their politics, and every happening on the face of the earth. Undo the ban, we pray.


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  1. Anonymous2/24/2013

    I'm sorry but I often fail to sympathize with feelings like yours because there are so many underlying socio-political factors that should first be considered.

    Firstly, it is a matter of national issue. Russia has population problems, sending away anyone, including their orphans do not help solve the problem.

    Second, Russian society needs to evolve from within. Whereas adopting has not yet permeated into their social and familial responsibilities, the ban hopefully will work as a catalyst for them to start a movement. Foreign adoption, although helpful is not the answer.

    Third, so many orphans outside Russia need more help. Have you seen orphans in third world countries and their conditions? Or better yet, how many orphans exactly in America are still unadopted? The figures might surprise you.

    Sorry if I seemed offensive. I just want to make a reasonable point.



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