A prayer to the Father

This post is part of my lenten series: 40 prayers for Russia's orphans.  Won't you join us in lifting up some of the most vulnerable children in our world today? 

Day 11

First, let me apologize for missing day 10 on Saturday. No excuses; just didn't get to my computer that day.

Today and for the next 9 days I've decided to model our prayers after the way that Jesus taught us to pray. Each prayer will be inspired by a line from the Lord's Prayer.

We bought this icon for Arie in honor of his baptism and his spiritual heritage.
"Mystical Supper" by Kontoglou
Our Father who art in heaven,

What a privilege it is to call you Father. As we pray for Russian orphans we do not forget the truth that we are all adopted. By your great love, we have moved from spiritual alienation and isolation into the rich warmth of your fatherly love. Not only do we know love by your fatherly hand, but we also know peace, order, and direction. As a parent leads a child, providing routine and order to life, so you give us purpose. Where we once were lost, we are now found. Where we once had no direction, we have now found a way.

Integral to the way in which you want us to live, is love. For you, for ourselves, and for one another. You have specifically called us to care for the orphan. You want our job as your followers to be orphan care. To be people who rise up and protect your precious little ones from loneliness, despair, and ruin.

We want to copy you, Father. As you have been a father to us, we want to become fathers and mothers to the orphans in Russia. We want to provide for their needs. We want to give them homes. We want to show them love, as you have shown it to us.  To be used by you to take a child out of a lonely and bleak situation and give them a hope and a future... that the greatest joy we could imagine.

We want to copy you. Today we pray that you will remove every barrier that prevents us from funneling your love to Russian orphans. Break down the barriers, Lord. Let us help.  Show us how. Allow us, please, to bring them home.


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