A prayer for wisdom

This post is part of my lenten series: 40 prayers for Russia's orphans.  Won't you join us in lifting up some of the most vulnerable children in our world today? 

Read this CNN article for background on today's prayer. 

Day 6


Sometimes it is s easy to deceive ourselves into thinking we're doing okay on this earth. That we're not so bad. That "sin" is an old fashioned idea we need not concern ourselves with.

And then something happens like this: a three year old boy dies, likely at the hands on his adoptive mother. What is already a heart-wrenching tragedy becomes even worse when we discover that he was adopted from Russia. And now the US/Russia relationship that was already strained has fractured once again.

We understand their anger, the Russians, when they hear that one of their beautiful children has been killed. And we just want to cry because we know how many good adoptive parents might never get to call a Russian child their own because of this woman's terrible mistake. It's a mess Lord. It's so awful. It's so confusing.

You are the only one who can help us sort through the anger and figure out how to stop this from happening again.  Please don't give this act of evil the power to prevent all future US/Russia adoptions. Give wisdom to us all, US and Russia alike as we move forward from here.

And how I pray that you have welcomed that precious boy into your Kingdom.

We pray helplessly, but by your power.


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