A prayer for God's will to be done

This post is part of my lenten series: 40 prayers for Russia's orphans.  Won't you join us in lifting up some of the most vulnerable children in our world today?  

Day 13: Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Dear God,

"Your will be done" is a really hard thing to pray sometimes because we worry what if your will and our wills don't line up? When we're praying about finding families for orphans it seems hard to believe that your will would be different than ours, but at the same time we know that sometimes you will includes very hard things to understand.

From the scriptures we can be sure that your will includes love and peace the whole world through. It also includes the end of every bit of brokenness in this world, which includes the brokenness that causes children to be orphaned. In those things, we can be confidant. We pray your will be done in Russia when it comes to providing for orphans.

Tonight the hard part of the your will be done prayer comes in the face of all the families whose Russian adoptions were interrupted by the adoption ban. We pray so desperately that your will is for those families to find a way to bring their children home.  We won't stop praying this because we believe this desire is in line with your will.

But with a really small voice we also pray that really hard prayer that Jesus prayed before his death.  He prayed that you would take the metaphorical "cup" of his death and suffering away from him and then said that really hard thing: not my will but yours be done.

We pray that you are willing to put Russia's orphans into families soon. We're asking for weeks or a few months- not years, not decades. But sometimes you mysteriously allow evil to run course for much longer than we would like. We don't know why but we trust in your love and your wisdom.

Give us the strength and grace to obey your will for our individual lives as we wait to see how your will unfolds for the future of Russia's orphans.


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