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If you know me at all, you know I love children.  Especially in the first 5 years.  People sometimes shake their heads in disbelief when I say that I love two-year-olds, but I'll tell you why: they are hilarious.  I mean, we all enjoy sweet baby coos, the first laughs, the incoherent but determined babbling of a one year old... but it's after they turn two that things really get good.  Having those kids around is like having a comedy show in your kitchen, every day.

As a daycare provider, it makes the diaper changes, the potty-training, the tantrums, and food pickiness and the nap hating all fade into background noise. I love my job because I laugh every single day.

Which is why I am dedicating this post to a few of the many cute, hilarious, profound, and poignant things the little ones in my "village" have said (and done) about our adoption.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think we can all agree that it takes the children to make the village belly laugh.


On learning about being adopted into versus being born into a family: 
I still laugh at this one.  Reverse identity crisis. 

On hearing that we were going to Russia to meet our little man: 

On seeing pictures of us with our little man in Russia: 


I forget who said this one, but one of my friends said that when their little one saw a picture of me with our son, they said, "Look!  He's getting his new mom!"  Love that.

This is just a sampling of all the adorableness that has come out of the mouths of children.  It thrills me to hear parents talking about adoption to their kids.  Have you heard kids say anything funny or noteworthy about adoption?  Please share because I'm always up for a smile!



  1. I work as a dance teacher and one of my students who just turned 8 and was adopted from China when she was a year old came into the studio one afternoon and said to me, "My mom said you're adopting Miss Candice! That's so exciting! " and I said, "You're mom's right. I'm adopting a little girl from Russia." to which she said, "You know where else you could adopt from is China. They have some VERY nice babies there." and she winked at me. I couldn't help it - I burst out laughing right there and said, "they sure do!"
    Too cute. :)

    1. HAahah that is so CUTE!! The wink was the best part, I'm sure.

  2. Anonymous8/01/2012

    So sweet. What a wonderful, funny memory to share with your son! I teach Early Childhood and I am entertained every day by those sweet little souls and their pure outlook on life. [^_^]

  3. We are considering officially changing his name to B Russia - its just too cute!

  4. Anonymous8/04/2012

    I am reading these laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. "A" keeps asking me "What's so funny?" When she gets really frustrated with what we are telling her to do she often says "You don't talk to me like that Mama/Daddy!" It's so hard to keep a straight face.

    1. Seriously. I could have made this whole post of just hilarious things she has said.

  5. So funny! My husband, daughter, and son were all adopted so I'm the odd one out at our house. One night we were talking about my 5 year olds Gotcha Day celebration and she asked when her brother's Gotcha Day was, then when her Dad's Gotcha Day was, then when mine was. When I said I didn't have one she looked at me with big sad eyes and said, "Ah Mommy. I'm sorry nobody wanted to adopt you!"

    I'm perfectly fine with her seeing adoption like that! Such a blessing!

    1. Ah that is TOO CUTE! I love that so much. Thank you for sharing!


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