Coming home

Between getting stuck in the two middle seats of a four seat row on our longest flight and coming down from the meeting-him-high, the trip home was very long.  I am thankful, however, for the opportunity to make the trip once (and soon twice) without our little man because I've already learned a ton about what I'm going to do and NOT going to do when we bring him home.  For example, on this trip we carried on our luggage and used our checked bags for orphanage donations and some food items.  This plan worked out swimmingly for our trip (and I'll be doing a "packing for adoption travel" post soon so prospective adoptive parents stay tuned!)... however on the trip home we checked through the gate on our first flight and proceeded to walk down three flights of stairs to our plane. 

Unless I grow another set of arms in the next couple months, I know I won't be carrying a toddler, a stroller, a messenger bag, and my roller-board luggage down those steps!  Good to know.

When we also found out that 75 minutes is barely enough time to make a transfer at an international airport.  Between customs, having to re-check our luggage, going through security again (three times in one trip!), and booking it across the airport, we'll be looking for longer layovers for our next 4 flights.  I'll tell you what though, if you're suffering from a little motion sickness, there is nothing like an adrenaline filled power walk through an airport to cure ya!  We made it to our gate just as the plane was boarding.  In John's words, "It wasn't even close."

Tell that to my aneurism.

So aside from our mostly smooth but somewhat stressful trip back, being home has been incredible.

Our friends Dominic and Kristin picked us up from the airport (thank you!) and welcomed our weary selves back with open arms.  When we got back home we found that they had cleaned our house, made us dinner, filled our fridge with necessities like milk, fruit, eggs, and beer (of course), and put gas in our car.  They even mopped our mud room entry way, which is a biannual event for me at best.  There is nothing like good friends. 

Shortly after arriving home I got an I'm-going-grocery-shopping-what-can-I-get-you? text from another friend.  Seriously felt the love.

After a power-nap, dinner, and a shower John and I drove out to his parents' place to pick up our cat who we secretly missed so much.
Instagrammed cat in a carrier.  He's super cute, right?
 My in-laws are beside themselves with happiness for us (and themselves) as they prepare to welcome their first grandchild home.  My mother-in-law took it upon herself to prepare us a giant gift bag filled with frames, a photobook, and tons of prints in every size of the pictures we took in Russia.  Our little man's face will soon be adorning a new photo wall in our living room!  I loved being able to tuck the photos into my bible and show them off at church this morning.

And speaking of church (I'm still tired so let me get away with that terrible transition, alright??), it was awesome.  John and I were both overwhelmed with hugs and excited exclamations as we made our way through the building.  The worship team even asked us to share a picture and a little bit about our trip.  I won't lie- it was pretty amazing to see our little man's smile on the big screen up front!  He is being welcomed into a community with boundless love to give.  I cannot wait to bring him home.

Since John was preaching I was sitting right in the front row and I think I made a couple women in the choir choke up a little, but it really wasn't my fault.  We sang Praise to the Lord, the Almighty and when I saw it on the program, I knew I was doomed.  True to form, when we got to the second verse I could barely hold it together.

Praise to the Lord who o'er all things so wondrously reigneth 
shelters three under his wings he so gently sustaineth
has though not seen  how thy desires e'er have been 
granted in what he ordaineth? 

Why yes I have seen my desires granted in what he ordained. My mouth kept doing the thing where the corners pull down with emotion and I couldn't make it stop.  There was a pile of water in my eyes too but I just refused to blink and let it come out. 

Really if God wasn't so faithful I wouldn't be so emotional.  So I blame him give him the glory.

The encouragement we have received on this blog, on facebook, in texts, emails, messages, and in person has been one giant amen resounding to our adoption prayers.

It is good to be home.  It is good to be moving forward.  I cannot wait to welcome our little man into our community where he is already so deeply cherished and loved.

Let the AMEN! sound from his people again! 
Gladly forever adore him.  



  1. Anonymous7/29/2012

    Jill, I have been soaking up your words! Your little man is so handsome! It was pure joy to see his face on the big screen this morning. I can't wait to see him in person!
    My prayer for you in the next months are those of patience and encouragement to get through until you see him again. My prayer for him is that he is safe and loved. That God may wrap him in love and keep you and John in his litte heart.
    Megan Kikstra

    1. Absolutely love that prayer Megan! Thank you for it. And thank you for sharing in our story and our joy! I can't tell you how much it means :-)

  2. Jill, your story is amazing and a true testiment to God's faithfulness. Thanks for sharing your journey in such a beautiful way. You are a gifted writer...what a treasure for your little man to read your thoughts one day. Praying for continued strength and faith in the coming weeks. Although we've never met, I'm so happy for you and excited to "watch" your story unfold!


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