Waiting mama's prayer

No news or progress heard from Russia yet.  I've been waking up everyday with the prayer, "It's a new day Lord, with the same prayer.  Please match us with our son before Mother's Day."  

With Russia enjoying a month filled with holidays, our agency told us not to expect any adoption progress in May.  With only 3 working days until Mother's Day, I'm feeling like the divine intervention I'm praying for is going to take the form of a change in my heart more than a change in our adoption status.  I'm hanging on to that Philippians 4 promise that the peace of God is going to guard my heart as I present my requests to him. 

I'm also dwelling on the words of a precious sister who has been down this Russian adoption road before and commented on my "How Long?" post, saying that this long and terrible wait might have more to do with our son's story than our own.  

Taking my mother's heart and laying it at the cross.  God's story before our story.  

So, in the shadow of a Sunday for mothers which will be filled with both the best and the worst emotions for me, a waiting mother's prayer: 

To God who is our mother hen, gathering us like baby chicks under soft wing, warm and dry, 

May your Spirit who sustains my heart and is the breath of my very life
nourish and sustain my little one when I cannot feed him or give him drink.

May your Spirit who calls my troubled heart to trust
be the peace and security of my little one when I cannot yet give him a family and a home.

May your Spirit who knit me together and knew me before I came to be
continue to guide my little one's health and development when I cannot teach or play with him or give him what he needs.

And may your Spirit in whom all the world is held together
call out a song for You from my little one's heart when I cannot yet tell him your Name 

Bless him. 
Keep him. 
Make your face shine upon him. 
Be gracious to him. 
Give him peace. 

For your glory forever and ever. 


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  1. Anonymous5/13/2012

    You have such a great blog!

    I totally agree that the wait could have something to do with his story. We had a 5 month delay of sorts and I was at my wit's end. In our case, it was my husband. After we assembled our dossier, my husband put the adoption on hold and said "it's not the right time". WHAT?! I thought he had cold feet or something. Five months later we found out about our baby girl who was only 12 months old when we found her. That means she wasn't registered for international adoption 5 months earlier when I *thought* it was the right time. The perfect timing always falls into place, although the waiting I found to be SO challenging. My house felt so empty, quiet and lonely during that time.



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