Perfect provision

November 13, 2011: I wrote my first post on this blog. We were starting our adoption journey with only a couple thousand dollars and a whole lot of hope and prayer.

March 31, 2012: We reached (and passed!) our $35,000 goal.

$35,046 in 4 1/2 months. What a testimony to God's faithfulness!

At the risk of being a bit of a broken record, I have to share how truly unreal it feels to know we have met our goal. The financial piece of this adoption was a great source of anxiety for us. We had no idea how we were going to cover the cost. No idea. We went to a seminar called "financing adoption" last summer and I remember so clearly an adoptive mother sharing her story and saying, "We couldn't afford to adopt, but we couldn't afford not to either." That's how we felt.

Still I had this fear- the fear that for some reason God wouldn't provide. That we'd start this adoption journey and get stuck halfway through, unable to move forward because of finances. Pridefully, I was afraid to look like a fool. Mostly I was afraid we didn't discern God's call correctly so he wouldn't be faithful to what we thought was "obedience" to his call on our lives.

With little faith we began this journey, a journey that calls us to greater faith each day.

have faith. have faith.

I remember hearing once that when asked about predestination and his salvation, C.S. Lewis said he believed he freely chose to become a Christian, but that it also seemed as though he could not have chosen otherwise. I feel that way about our adoption fundraising. We took a risk- a leap of faith- and the possibility of failure was very real. But now looking a our thermometer it seems as though it would always reach the top and there was never a chance of it it going otherwise.

My fears have been put to rest and I am rejoicing this Palm Sunday for God's provision. He made a way for our salvation in Christ and he is making away for our adoption through his body of believers. Praise God for making a way when we thought there was none!

May our rejoicing today bring glory to his name. He has taken hold of our hands and led us down this path not just to reach a fundraising goal, not just to make us parents, not just to give our son a family, but ultimately: for his glory.

In the words of Eric Ludy, whose video "Depraved Indifference" I shared in my very first blog post, "For our King and his glory, we will rescue these little ones."



  1. SO. VERY. Excited for you!! :-) Can't wait to follow the rest of the journey!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! I love having your support!!

  2. just started reading this - I am so amazed at how fast you raised funds! :):)

    1. Ha! Me too, Camille! Thanks for checking out my blog :-)


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