I see that bid; I see that bid.

Our online auction is up and running!

John and I are so excited about all the goods and services donated to help us bring our little guy home! We've started most of the bids at 25-50% of the item's value, so we hope you'll be excited about the great deals in addition to supporting what we think is an incredible cause.

Click here to get to our auction!

It will be open from now until Feb 29 at 9pm.

We used a site called 32auctions which has better user fees than ebay or any other auction site we've found. However with the version we're using we can only upload one itty bitty little photo of each item, so we've also added an auction page to this blog where you can see bigger/additional pictures of the items listed on the 32auctions site.

Please share our auction site, this post, or individual items with your friends/on your blog/through facebook or twitter. The more people know about the auction, the more people can bid and the closer we will be to bringing our little guy home!

Thank you and HAVE FUN with this!

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  1. Anonymous2/21/2012

    Hi Jill,

    Those are awesome t-shirts. I'd like to help your family reach its $3,000 fundraising goal. Could you please contact me at [email protected]?


    Matthew Lee


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