Fundraising Friday (2 days late!)

This week's Fundraising Friday is two days late because John and I spent Friday night up North with a group of friends at a cabin. (Which was great fun!) After a late, late night we had to leave early to get home in time for our final homestudy meeting: the home visit. Sadly, after a week of cleaning and tidying to make our house nice and shiny, the weather refused to cooperate and our caseworker was not able to make the drive to our place. What a bummer! Thankfully I have a short day of work on Monday and John's schedule is flexible enough that we were able to reschedule for tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. Keep us in your prayers!

We hope to open up our online auction for bids starting Wednesday, so this fundraising post will be short. Here's the rundown of our journey so far:

Donations: $13,784
Necklace Fundraiser: $1,250
Coffee Fundraiser: $47
Card Fundraiser: $46
Spaghetti Dinner (by my childhood church): $755
Out of Pocket: $4,150

TOTAL: $20,032

Praise God for his provision!

We received a donation from someone who is from Russia a few days ago and he shared this wonderful Russian saying with us: a single thread from everyone - and there's a shirt for a naked one. Truly, every thread makes a difference. When we started we we had little more than one thread and a prayer.

Although we don't have the full shirt in hand quite yet, we can surely see its form coming together! And it looks pretty cute on the back of a sweet, sweet little Russian boy.

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