Who's been praying this week? And Fundraising Friday!

Alright- confess: who's been praying for us this week? I know a lot of you have because we have seen some progress! Earlier in the week (Tuesday) I was feeling very anxious because we were waiting to hear from our caseworker and schedule our first homestudy session. Then Wednesday came and I left her a message, but no call back.

Deep breathing.

Heartfelt praying.

Lots of "I believe- help my unbelief!" type praying.

Thursday- caseworker calls!! We schedule our first meeting. Feeling pretty pleased.

Then I get an email from one of our references saying that our agency contacted her and she is filling out our reference form. Awesome sign of progress!

And finally I get another email from our placing agency wondering when our homestudy will be complete so we can get our dossier in to Russia (still unknown- hopefully 8 weeks or so). This thrills me because it means the agency is waiting for us and not the other way around, which is a great place to be.

I've felt pretty peaceful about all the paperwork/timelines/etc so far, and just when I was starting to feel anxious, three signs of progress find their way to me. What a blessing. So to all you pray-ers out there: thank you!


Over the Christmas holidays we received a few very generous donations which quite frankly overwhelmed us. These donations show us how the Spirit moves through the lives of believers to accomplish his purposes. We feel very humbled and blessed by the generosity that has been shown to us. My mom said to me a few days ago, "Every time you get a donation I feel so thankful all over again. The emotion doesn't change. It feels new every time." The parallel between her words and Jeremiah's is not lost on me:

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
Lam 3:22-23

We say again: thank you!!

Necklace Fundraiser: I've sold 43 necklaces and have two more to make tonight. 45 down and 55 more to go to reach my goal of 100 sales!

Coffee Fundraiser: Well, this fundraiser is going mediocre so far. My mother-in-law bought coffee from our fundraiser and made it on Christmas day with dessert- it was delicious! So if your supply is getting a little low consider buying through us! Our goal is to raise $300 through the coffee fundraiser and we're at $37 so far: $263 to go.

Card Fundraiser: We've sold 11 of the 100. 89 to go!

Breakfast Fundraiser: Still in the works! Our current plan is to host a pancake breakfast at our church once we've been officially matched with our little guy.

I think those are all the updates for now. Which brings me to the finances total so far of:

$16,392!! We are approaching the half-way mark!! There will be some celebrating at the Burden house when that happens.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support! Much love.

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