To be a parent... and sick at the same time. Plus: Fundraising Friday!

You know that stomach bug that's going around?

It's terrible.

I came down with it on Wednesday evening and I'm still in bed (Friday morning). The worst part is that I'm practically an obsessive hand-washer and disinfectant-gel-user, and I STILL got it. How did that happen?

Well, today I'm thankful for understanding daycare parents, for saltines and ginger-ale, and for a nice comfortable bed from which I can catch up on emails and blog posts!

And I'm really thankful that I'll likely be well enough to go to our second homestudy meeting tomorrow. When I was leaning with my head over the toilet all night on Wednesday all I could think was, "I HAVE to get better by Saturday." Ugh. I hate being sick. Thankfully my wish (prayer?) looks like it's coming true.

To all you parents out there: how do you do it when you're sick? I can't imagine feeling like that and having to also care for a little one. John and I don't have family near by (my parents are 6 hours away and his live about 1.5 hours away half the year and a plane trip away the other half)- that worries me. We also don't have a TV, which would be a lifesaver for sick days. Maybe we'll just set up our computers with kids shows on netflix. And somehow prevent the little one from hitting the keyboard... hmm... Or maybe we just won't get sick at the same time! Wouldn't that be nice? But seriously- what are your "I'm sick but I'm still a parent" coping skills? Give 'em to me!

In any case, John and I got an exciting fund-raising related email that really brightened our bed-ridden day yesterday (he was sick too)!

The church in which I grew up is "sharing the burden" (great title, you guys!) and throwing us a fundraiser!

This is the church that fulfilled the promises of my baptism, raised me up in the way of the Lord, supported my "church drama" ideas in many an evening service, helped me build my college fund by providing my with limitless babysitting jobs, and sent me to a summer program that helped me discern my calling in life. I was loved on by all my parents' friends here, mentored by a crazy passionate woman of faith, held up in prayer by many a faithful youth group leader, and even provided with an internship a few summers ago... what else can I say about this place? They know how to love on their people!

And now they're sharing our financial burden by putting on a spaghetti dinner (specifically the "J-Walkers"- part of the church's youth group are putting the dinner on- THANK YOU J-Walkers!!) Here's the promotion that will be printed in the bulletin and monthly newsletter:


(Name blurred for anonymity but if you're in the GTA-ish area and interested leave a comment or shoot me an email for more info!)

A friend of ours also asked me to make her a few necklaces to sell at her boutique! She's in Michigan and if you are too I suggested checking her place out. Besides our fundraising necklaces, she also has lots of handmade items which support incredible causes.

I think that's all for now. I'm off to see if I can muster the strength to start disinfecting our germ ridden house. ;-)


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  2. Hi, Jillian. I'm from The Nest and I love reading your blog! As a fellow Christian, it's refreshing to see how your faith plays such an active role in your life as you wait to adopt!

    I found this list the other day and thought you might appreciate it after this post! Hope you and your DH are feeling better!


    1. Cassie thank you so much! I have to bookmark that link! Great ideas that I'm sure I'll have a chance to use someday. :-)


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