Some humor for the wait

Humor is a good coping mechanism for the long wait of adoption. When we first announced our adoption plans my friend Jenn- a fellow expectant adoptive mother- joked with me that while we don't have to endure the morning sickness, discomfort, or contractions of pregnancy and birth, the paper-cuts are just TERRIBLE. :-P

John likes to joke that we heard the first year of marriage is the hardest, so we skipped it (we lived apart for the first year due to immigration issues) and now we hear the first year with a new baby is the hardest, so we're skipping that too!

Har har.

My brother and sister-in-law (soon to be!) blessed us with a donation this Christmas and made us laugh with this card:



The best gifts make you cry and laugh at the same time, which this one truly did. Merry blessings, merry laughter.

PS: Check out our thermometer! Pushing $15,000!

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