Jewelry Fundraiser!

At long last my supplies have arrived and I am so pleased to begin our jewlery fundraiser! I was inspired to learn the art of metal stamping and jewelry making after I wore a piece with the phrase "have faith" during our infertility struggle. Now that we're adopting, that phrase still rings true. Have faith that God will bring our family together, by his plan and in his timing. Each of these pieces has a special meaning and has been hand stamped with great love. A few thumbs (mainly my left thumb) were injured and a few tears shed, but I have greatly enjoyed the preparations for these. They will be made to order and I will be praying for their owners as I stamp!

All the profits from these necklaces will go toward our adoption costs. You can purchase them from my etsy store under the name "jillianmb8" or click here.

Necklaces are $20 plus shipping. (If you go to our church or frequently see me in person send me a message on facebook or shoot me an email and we can skip the shipping step!)

(Also I'm on a borrowed computer because ours is undergoing repairs so please excuse any wonky-ness or typos in my listings or next few posts!)

Necklaces (see my etsy listings for their meanings):





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