Fundraising Friday (a day late) and Sunday Supplication (a day early)

This Fundraising Friday is brought to you by... Saturday evening!

John's computer died a few weeks ago and mine is currently at the Apple store in repair, so we have been using our phones and a friend's borrowed computer lately (thanks Brad!). Although it looks like our thermometer hasn't moved in a while, it is creeping upward! I hope to get my computer back this week and update that thermometer soon! Between donations, coffee, jewelry, and money spent, we're somewhere just over $12,000 right now!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a necklace already! I spent the whole day stamping, beading, and mailing today and completed 15 necklaces! Phew. It has been incredibly encouraging to receive all the orders and encouraging notes with them. People I've never even met are sending the warmest notes with their stories of infertility and/or adoption. I feel so BLESSED this weekend!

If you've shared our blog or etsy shop with friends, THANK YOU! Keep spreading the word!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, so here's our Sunday Supplication a day early:

1. Praise God that all the communication issues between our agencies were resolved and our file is with our case worker! With the holidays upon us, we won't hear from her until January, but we are able to start some required adoption education courses in the meantime. Progress makes us very happy!

2. It looks like the Russian government is changing/firming up some adoption requirements which means that instead of taking two trips, one short and one long, we will likely be taking three shorter trips to Russia. I had a bit of panicky moment when I first read about this, but after some thought and prayer am feeling peaceful about it. We are trusting that God's grace will guide us through this whole process, two trips or three. He is in control and we are simply to trust and obey. Prayers for our peace about this are much appreciated!

Many thanks and much love.

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