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Welcome to our new site and blog! We have big news to share: John and I have begun an adoption journey! If you've come to this site by means of a letter we sent you- thanks for visiting and consider this a warm ((hug)) for joining us on our journey! If you've come via facebook or another way, check out our "About Our Adoption" page to get up to speed on our journey so far. I'm so glad you're here!

I hope this blog will be a place where I can share our journey with a deep sense of honesty. We're thrilled and excited about our own adoption and we also want to advocate for adoption in general. When we began to plan for our adoption I read many adoption blogs and found great inspiration there. I hope that by sharing all the ins and outs of our own journey, we will inspire others toward faith in God's provision, toward orphan care in general, and maybe even serve as a nudge toward adoption for a few.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to share many personal stories about how God led us to this point and about where he is leading from this point forward. It has truly been a remarkable journey and, as they say, we're just getting started!

But before those stories come out, I want to start by sharing the conviction God has given me- given us- about pursuing this adoption. In the face of what feels like such a big calling, I often feel that I fail to find adequate words to describe what this journey is like. I feel both called and unsettled, ready and unequipped, determined and overwhelmed, inspired and just plain nervous. But even in the face of my fear and doubt, I move forward because God refuses to let me give up. He pushes me to do his will. He makes sure that I am disturbed in the face of injustice. He moves me to abandon my life for the least and the lost. I have been deeply affected by this calling and I am so grateful.

I have believed for a long time that John and I have a child "out there" somewhere- born not of our bodies, but connected to us through the intricate plan of the God of the universe. And when God called us to go and get that child, we were helpless to do anything but say, "yes."

This short 8-minute video expresses what I am failing to say. I think this is the perfect way to start this new leg of our adoption journey. Hear my heart:

"For our King and his GLORY, we will rescue these little ones." Amen?

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  1. looking through your blog - as we are wondering if this is our next step... i love your story, your blog, your heart and your love of Christ.

    We pray that we will see our cause and act on it..
    thank you for deeply inspiring my heart.


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